Think about your ideal significant other. Now, imagine their career. Do you prefer someone who has already landed their dream job? Do wealth and smart money habits matter to you? Compatibility with a partner consists of many different factors, including your S.O.’s line of work. While this link between career and love makes some sense, dating app Happn released new data that shows some jobs are more attractive than others.

Happn followed more than 2.9 million app users’ activity over a nearly two-week period, April 1-11. The results are pretty surprising: While you might think that people would respond more strongly to high-paying jobs, this wasn’t always the case — with the exception of the top spot.

For both women and men, attorney took the prize as the most *crushed* on job (in Happn lingo, that means someone tapped the heart button for them). Interestingly, no other overlap between gender preferences occurred. Perhaps people hold lawyers in the highest social (or financial) regard, or maybe the idea of a #girlboss attorney is super attractive to guys. Whatever the reason, this profession outranked all the others.

The data gets even more interesting as we dissect the most attractive professions by gender. Not surprisingly, some women found left-brained, male-dominated fields more attractive when seeking out their ideal man.

Most Attractive Jobs for Men

1. Attorney

2. Analyst

3. Engineer

4. Salesman

5. Doctor

It’s relevant to note that these are traditionally male-dominated fields, so it makes sense that the pool of men with these careers is simply larger. Whether it’s for the high-paying salary, extravagant lifestyle, or personality type, we can’t be certain why women consider these to be the most attractive jobs.

The relationship between gender roles and careers becomes more complicated when considering what professions men prefer in women. While men still seek out attorneys more than any other career, the most sought-after jobs for women are starkly different than those for men.

Most Attractive Jobs for Women

1. Attorney

2. Designer

3. Teacher

4. Marketer

5. Doctor

While all five of the top male jobs are left-brain oriented, only two out of the five top female jobs are — attorneys and doctors. Designers, teachers, and marketers also ranked highly — which, again, can also be partially attributed to the fact that there are significantly more women in these fields.

The professions we prefer in our potential significant others say a lot about our society and ourselves. No matter which job you prefer your S.O. to have, we all know that someone’s profession is just one small part of who they are.

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