Remember when Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake made that “#Hashtag” video making fun of everyone’s obsession with tags? It was funny because it’s true, we’re totally #obsessed with using hashtags. A group of Olin College students recently took the hashtag love to the next level by creating gloves that will send out a tweet just by making the hashtag motion. You read that right — you make the pound sign and say your favorite phrase (ours would obviously be #shopbrit) and the Hashtag Gloves help you tweet ’em out.

We know, we’re omg-ing over it too. The gloves, created in early November during a 24-hour hackathon, have conductive fabric on the tips of the fingers with voltage across them. When you make the hashtag symbol with your fingers, you short the voltage, your voice gets detected and your message is sent.

“The original idea was for snowboarding. If somebody can’t take their hands out of their pockets, they could use the gloves to say ‘that was a great run’ or something,” one of the creators Keenen Zucker tells Daily Dot. They say it is quite simple, so we’ll believe them.

Although still in the concept phase, the group thinks they could make a prototype (this time with Bluetooth technology and wireless connectivity to your phone) that could ring in around $50. Check out the gloves in action below:

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(h/t Daily Dot)