It’s Thursday, and it’s time for an extra special edition of #TBT! Presenting not 10, not 20, but 100 Halloween costume ideas for folks who love to throw it back. From the ’20s to the early 2000s, we’ve got something for every single one of you Bettys, Barneys and Beanie Babies.


1. Red Fraggle: One of the leading faces from the kooky ’80s TV series can surely help bring back the nostalgia this Halloween. It’s sure to put a BIG muppet-style smile on your face in this getup. (via Brit + Co)

2. Hanson Teen Beat Cover: Our esteemed Editorial Director Lisa gets DOUBLE the points for this throwback — it’s her costume from 1997! (via @lraptweets)

3. Freddie Mercury: Katy Perry, you win. (via Lovelyish)

4. Pippi Longstocking: Remember this chick? This nine-year-old had superhuman strength, and completely insane pig tails. (via Brit + Co)

5. Poison Ivy: This foxy lady is fierce, fashionable and a little bit frightening. (via Klout)

6. Carmen Sandiego: This intercontinental style icon will always be relevant. To create the look, it’s all about making sure you’ve got a few key elements (like that red hat with yellow trim!) covered. (via Brit + Co)

7. Zoltar: This amazingly accurate Zoltar booth costume from Big was built around a working Segway. Be careful it doesn’t turn you 15 again, because whoa. (viaMakezine)

8. Wednesday Addams: Go goth with this adorable Wednesday Addams get up. This costume calls for the most layers — black tights, a collared shirt, and a tight cardigan — which will certainly help keep you cozy. Channel your inner troublemaker and start perfecting that straight-faced, vapid stare. (via Brit + Co)

9. Tony the Tiger: How awesome are those leggings? (via Brit + Co)

10. Home Improvement‘s Wilson: If you have a bucket hat and an old flannel lying around, all this costume requires are a few popsicle sticks from the craft store (or a sneaky trip to the doctor’s office) and a little bit of glue. Folks may get confused if you swap the makeshift fence for a drink, but pop it up in front of your face and all those JTT lovers will instantly recognize/adore you. (viaUproxx)

11. Firefox: Or go for a couples costume and dress your partner up as Netscape Navigator! (via nayukim on Flickr)

12. American Psycho: Talk about a doppelganger! This guy needs to be a Christina Bale character for like every Halloween ever. (via And Pop)

13. Lisa Turtle: We kind of think of this one as a hybrid between Lisa Turtle and Kelly Kapowski — the volume and sunny attitude is all Kelly, and the incredible vest and gold lame mini dress has Lisa written all over it. (via Brit + Co)

14. Treasure Troll: Inspired by our girl Misty’s costume from Halloween last year, this is probably our favorite maternity costume idea EVER but takes a bold pregnant mama to pull it off. (Thanks for being willing to humor us all, Brit!) (via Brit + Co)

15. Christmas Story Leg Lamp ($20): Remember that smokin’ hot leg lamp from A Christmas Story? Now you can BE that lamp. #ilovelamp

16. Ghostbuster: This isn’t exactly the easiest of costumes to pull together, but if you’ve got the time it sure does look great. Make Bill Murray proud as a ghost-busting hunk. (via Costume Works)

17. Cookie Monster: An all-time classic and the best possible outfit for the gal who wants to have an excuse to pretty much wear a snuggie out for the evening. (via Brit + Co)

18. Princess Leia: Best. Buns. EVER. (via Brit + Co)

19. Tamagotchi: What? Yes. This is probably our favorite costume of the bunch! (via Costume Works)

20. Jem: Clearly, we are as obsessed with our ’80s cartoon characters as we are with wig costumes. For bright pink tresses, Jem is an absolute must! (via Brit + Co)

21. Mary Poppins: Tie a red ribbon around your neck and glue some flowers into a bowler hat for a simple and classy costume option. Even if it doesn’t look like rain, grab an umbrella for extra character. (via Say Yes)

22. Energizer Bunny: This bunny’s got ups. (via Brit + Co)

23. Juno: Next, we’ve got everyone’s favorite pregnant teen, Juno! Channel a little bit of attitude and apathy, grab an empty Slurpee cup, and you are well on your way. (via Brit + Co)

24. Chucky: You’re welcome for all the nightmares. (via All That’s Epic)

25. Alf: Hide yo cats. (via Dos Family)

26. Roaring ’20s: The ’20s are back, and so is our favorite hair hack: the Faux Bob! (via Brit + Co)

27. Lucille Ball: Who doesn’t love Lucy? Pull your hair up in a retro bun and then top off the look with a bandana and a solid red lipstick. (via Freckled Fox)

28. Ace Ventura: This dude is nailing it as Miami’s finest pet detective. Rock this look in a Hawaiian shirt, high-rise pants and combat boots, or opt for his memorable tutu ensemble instead. (via Marie Marie)

29. School Picture Day: Complete with an accurate 1st grader smile, this girl knows how to stay in character. She also knows her way around a laser backdrop. (viaMoth)

30. Bjork at the 2001 Academy Awards: Pretend you’re at the Oscars with this fanciest of costumes. Take advantage of Halloween and use it as an excuse to wear heaps of tulle to work. (via A Beautiful Mess)

31. Holly Golightly: And I said, what about, Breakfast at Tiffany’s? #deepbluesomethingFTW (via Brit + Co)

32. Steve Urkel: Piece together a pair of suspenders, some nerd glasses and high-rise pants for this costume. It’ll look so good when you sneak a peak in the mirror. on’t be surprised if your first thought is, “Did I do that?” (via Reddit)

33. Ghostbusters: Why be a ‘buster when you can be the ghost? Haunting is so much more fun. (via College Humor)


34. Spice Girls: Though we’re all about bringing back Sporty, Scary, Baby, Posh and Ginger, go the clever route and simply dress up as your favorite spices. (via Brit + Co)

35. Rugrats: This is definitely a more adult take on the classic cartoon we watched as kids. But hey, a baby’s gotta grow up sometime! (via Instagram)

36. Heather Chandler, McNamara and Duke: Rule the school by dressing as the colorful clique from the ’80s cult classic Heathers. (via Found Item Clothing)

37. Cast of The Breakfast Club: This unlikely crew of five is one of the most celebrated high school groups in movie history. A few key accessories and some ’80s outfits will make this one a cinch. (via ELJ All Arts Annex)

38. Oregon Trail: Who doesn’t have pioneer garb laying around the house? (via Brit + Co)

39. Weekend at Bernie’s: If you win a costume contest this year, we’d like a shoutout in your acceptance speech. (via Garment District)

40. Rainbow Brite + the Color Kids: Don’t forget the most colorful ’80s costume of them all — Rainbow Brite and the Color Kids will never go out of style. (via AC Paradise)

41. Gangnam Style: When will Psy grace us with another Gangnam-esque hit?! (via Brit + Co)

42. Mario Kart: The race is on! Mario costumes can be a little tired, but this group punches it up with an amazing Mario Kart version. Or you could try a Dr. Mario or Mario Tennis angle, too!

43. Robert Palmer Girls: No smiling allowed. (via Katherine Power)

44. Salt-N-Pepa: Those jackets are incredibly accurate — where can we get them?! (via Refinery29)

45. Treasure Trolls: More trolls! Using wigs, a ton of hairspray and nude American Apparel dresses, you can be Treasure Trolls in no time flat. (via American Apparel)

46. She-Ra and Her Crew: We used to run around our backyard pretending to be the Princess of Power… so dibs on this one. (via He Man)

47. Addams Family: Get the whole family together for a super sweet group costume or go solo as Wednesday Addams with this YouTuber’s cute costume and makeup tutorial. (via Brian Jackson)

48. Tetris: Go small and do a Tetris screen on a T-shirt, or go big like these guys and craft huge game pieces. Follow their instructions and you’ll be boxed up in no time. (via Instructables)

49. Clue: Clue is one of the all-time best group costumes, period. Camille Styles threw a Clue-themed, whodunnit dinner party where everyone dressed to the nines, but you could also go authentic and model your characters after the hilarious ’80s film. (via Camille Styles)

50. Scooby Doo Crew: Shaggy’s look is priceless.

51. Cast of Ferris Bueller’s Day Off: You guys. This group costume is too good for words. Whether you’re looking for a couples costume, a besties costume or a group getup, this legendary ’80s movie has fantastic options (and gives you a perfectly good excuse to play hooky). (via Pinterest + Ten:Thirteen Design)

52. The Golden Girls: The Golden Girls are absolutely timeless, and dressing like them is a total blast. Load up on the blush, ladies! (via The “Lo” Down)

53. Pacman and Ghosts: Aw, those poor ghosts. P.S. What happened to Pacman’s shoes? (via Brooklyn College Anime)

54. Mean Girls: Mini skirts? Check! Long locks? Check! Pink, pink and more pink? Check! With your outfits put together, you’ll just need a Burn Book to complete the costume. (via AC Paradise)

55. Clueless: These ’90s ladies will go down in costume history. To aspire to their coolness, just go super glam/prep ’90s. Also the giant cell phone helps. (via Fashion Wonderland)

56. TLC: What about your friends? Going for early TLC style, this trio of besties knows what’s up in the neon style department. (via Brit + Co)

57. Mad Men Women: Our very own Miss Misty has the perfect hair and makeup tutorials for you to master the Mad Men look. All you need is a ’50s or ’60s vintage frock. (via Brit + Co)

58. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: This might be one of our favorite jumping photos ever – the painted-on six packs really seal the deal.

59. Beanie Babies: Speaking of babies, remember when collecting beanie babies was everyone’s get-rich-quick scheme?


60. Princess Peach and Toad: You can totally be a couple with your mini! This throwback is the best. (via Brit + Co)

61. Arnold and Gerald: Our ’90s hearts have gone all aflutter. Become everyone’s favorite football head with just a little construction paper and a pair of scissors. (viaTwisted Sifter)

62. Dumb and Dumber: One of our favorite couples costumes eve. (via Brit + Co)

63. Bob Ross and Happy Little Tree: If you grew up with painting pro Bob Ross telling you how to paint “happy little trees,” then you’ll probably feel a bit nostalgic with this one. The costume can be a solo act or a group effort if you have a happy little tree or two. (via C.R.A.F.T)

64. Sonic + Tails: These ladies prove that you don’t have to be wearing fishnets and lingerie to look cute on Halloween. You may even find the makings of these colorful Sonic and Tails outfits in your closet already! (via Fashionably Geek)

65. Twins: Journey with us back to 1988, when a world accepted the idea that Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito could be… twins? Wait, WHAT? Khakis, penny loafers (or moccasins) and matching blazers make this look, but it’s those ’80s patterned short sleeve button downs on the inside that take it to the next level. Oh, and I happen to be playing the role of Danny DeVito in this costume ;) (via Brit + Co)

66. Hansel and Zoolander: Both of these guys deserve an Oscar for getting these costumes so spot on. If you’re going as Zoolander, make sure to spend a solid hour perfecting that “Blue Steel” look. (via Imgarcade)

67. Angela Chase and Jordan Catalano: Oh, these two. The teenage angst, the dyed hair, the flannel. Can we please bring back My So-Called Life? And guess what? The Angela in this costume is our very own editor, Kate Puhala. Woot woot!

68. The Bundys: The shoe salesman and the crimson-haired bombshell were the ’90s answer to Lucy and Ricky, and we loved their love-hate relationship. (via On The Blog Bandwagon)

69. Will and Carlton: This is a story all about how… two guys had totally amazing Fresh Prince costumes. Okay, so maybe that’s not actually how the song goes, but we like that version better. (via Imgur)

70. Dylan and Brenda from 90210: We had to serve up the side by side for this one — that strapless dress with giant white bow and black gloves is just too good. In true 90210 fashion, this is definitely one of the more angsty, volatile couples of the ’90s. (via I Am Not a Stalker)

71. Sonny and Cher: This pop star pair are a favorite for costume season, but Rachel Zoe and her hubby Roger Berman look nearly unidentifiable! Their attention to detail is stellar. (via @rachelzoe)

72. Daria and Jane: Your favorite droll cartoon pair is a perfect team costume for Halloween — just ask Katy Perry! Just try not to smile. (via Katy Perry Pics)

73. Serena + Blair: It would be pretty tough to copy Blair Waldorf and Serena van der Woodsen’s actual looks from the hit show Gossip Girl, but you can still channel these Upper East Side school girls with some classic accessories — pearls and a headband for B and a short skirt and loose tie for S. (via People)

74. Kelly Kapowski + Zack Morris: The cutest duo of the ’90s? Kelly and Zack, duh! Combine your love for early ’90s fashion and your love for Saved by the Bell into one rad couples costume. (via Ian Brooks)

75. Hall and Oates: Wait, what? Yep. We went there. You really do make our dreams come true. (via Brit + Co)

76. The Mask: Whoa. When is the last time you thought about the movie The Mask? Like… not since 1994, right? (via Buzzfeed)

77. Danny and Sandy: This classic always looks good, and you will definitely win the dance floor. ;) (via Costume Works)

78. Forrest Gump and Lieutenant Dan: We’ve got another Brit + Co couple for this one, and this time it’s culinary rockstar Sarah Jones channeling her inner Gary Sinise. #runforrestrun (via Brit + Co)

79. Double Dare Contestants: OMG. How perfect is this? Especially if you rig your helmets so that they double as beer holders. (via Buzzfeed)

80. Legends of the Hidden Temple: The Blue Barracudas always *were* our favorite team — don’t tell the Green Monkeys… (via Amy Bagdonas)

81. John Lennon and Yoko Ono: Channel your inner rockstars by becoming these two this Halloween. (via Brit + Co)

82. Jay and Silent Bob: Snoochie boochies! Remember these two weirdos from Mallrats? (via Klout)

83. Mulder and Scully: X-files fanatic? Or just want to rock a ginger wig for the night? Then this pairing has you and your boo written all over it. (via Perhapablog)

84. Patti Mayonnaise and Doug Funny: These two = YES. And is it weird that we would rock that polka dot sweater on the reg? (via SheKnows and Pinterest)

85. Wayne and Garth: Can you say…. schwiiiing? Leave it to Brit + Co editor Kate Puhala to make dressing up as Wayne Campbell actually look chic. The underbite-based smile that Garth is sporting really seals the deal. (via Brit + Co)

86. Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love: Whether the dog represents Frances Bean is still TBD, but this is one of our all-time favorite costumes. And guess what? It was actually one of the entries to our costume contest way back in 2012! #tbt? :)

87. The Big Lebowski: We think the dude would definitely abide.


88. Lebowski: From Lebowski to little Lebowski! Your little dude might not know that his costume is based on one of the best movie characters ever, but he’ll enjoy all the attention from the other cool parents. (via Skirt As Top)

89. I Love Lucy: If you don’t like this costume, you’ve got some ‘splaining to do! (via Coolest Homemade Costumes)

90. ET: This one is so great you’ll definitely want to phone home about it. (via Bicycle Store)

91. Oscar the Grouch: It’s tough to choose a fave, but this one definitely makes our top five baby costumes ever. (via Little Frills)

92. Ace Ventura: Well, allllrighty then! Your kid will hate you for this one day or think you’re a complete genius — either way they’ll have a great #TBT in a few years. (via Costume Works)

93. Mini Jersey Shore: This could only be made better if all the parents dressed up as Jersey Shore 50 Years from Now.

94. Labyrinth: How have we never seen this before? Every child should know who the Goblin King is, and it’s never too early to learn. (via Babble)

95. Troll: That’s right. We are officially trolling you. This has to be one of the cutest trolls we’ve ever seen. The hair is simply perfect. (via Jamilia Jean)

96. Wayne and Garth: Party on, babies. (via Geek Parenting)

97. Baby Prince: This. Is. Genius. Doves will most definitely cry tears of joy the moment they see this costume. (via Twisted Sifter)

98. Stay Puft Marshmallow Man: Seriously? This is the best homemade costume we’ve ever seen. Ok, maybe that’s too extreme, but it is incredible. And the kid’s expression? Perfection. (via Costume Works)

99. Care Bear: The best part of this? The costume was made from an actual Care Bear stuffed animal. Brilliant. (via Instructables)

100. Risky Business: Your babe’s not really into pants anyway ;) (via Noah’s Halloween Countdown)

Are you going retro this Halloween? We can’t wait to see costumes — be sure to enter the Brit + Co Costume Contest!