You could always opt for a destination dream wedding in Portugal or a modern woodland wedding fit for a fairy tale, but instead, why not have the fast food wedding of your dreams by getting married at Taco Bell? Yes, we’re serious. Taco Bell.


“From sauce packet proposals to couples catering their wedding parties and after-parties with Taco Bell, we have known for years that some of our most creative fans have been incorporating Taco Bell into this momentous occasion,” said Taco Bell’s chief marketing officer, Marisa Thalberg in a statement.

So apparently, if you’ve ever served (or thought of serving) a whole lotta chalupas at your reception, you’re certainly not alone.

Taco Bell wedding

And if you think that a Taco Bell wedding might be more than you can handle, no worries! We’re assured that now “couples can come right in and order a wedding off of our menu.” Surely a dream come true for so many folks.

While you can serve your guests fried chicken shell tacos while tying the knot as of this summer, if you just can’t wait, then you can enter to be the very first couple to have a Taco Bell wedding in the brand’s custom wedding chapel.

Taco Bell wedding

Just share your love story with the hashtag #LoveAndTacosContest by February 26, and you could be the first to say “I do” outside of the box.

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(h/t The Knot; photos via SashaHaltam/Getty, Taco Bell)