It might seem like you were just grocery shopping for winter salads, but now it’s time to break out the grill for healthy warm-weather noms. This is where fish comes into play. It’s nutritious, versatile and pretty much begs to be thrown on the grill. You already have plenty of grilled skewer recipes in your repertoire, and sometimes you need a change from the summer burger recipes you’re used to munching on poolside. Fire up the coals and grab a cold beer, because these 14 grilled fish recipes are ready to make you a certified grill master.


1. Grilled Salmon Tacos: Just because it’s grilling season doesn’t mean you have to give up your taco Tuesdays. These grilled salmon tacos add an interesting twist to your weekly dinner staple without being too out of the box. Meaning, if you have any picky eaters in the fam, they’ll still love these tacos. (via The Last Food Blog)


2. Grilled Spicy Cilantro Fish Kebabs: One great thing about seafood in comparison to chicken or beef is that it doesn’t take long for a marinade to impart tons of flavor. All you need is 30 minutes in the fridge (compared to eight hours for other proteins). These tuna kebabs are marinated in a mixture of cilantro, hot sauce and cider vinegar, making them tender and flavorful. (via iFoodreal)

grilled halibut

3. Grilled Mahi-Mahi Filets With Apple Salsa and Mashed Potatoes: Sweet ingredients like corn and apples play well with the charred element of the grilled fish. Unlike your typical salsa, this apple mixture is warm and comforting… perfect for cool summer nights. (via Jeevi Kitchen)


4. Grilled Branzino With Rosemary Vinaigrette: Don’t be intimidated by grilling a whole fish. It’s incredibly impressive to serve to guests, and way easier than it looks. Plus, this rosemary vinaigrette sauce is to die for. (via Simply Recipes)

5. Grilled Halibut With Tomato Avocado Salsa: Halibut is a great choice for grilling because of its thickness, which means it’s less likely to overcook and break apart when flipping. Pair with a fresh tomato and avocado salsa to mirror the freshness in this catch. (via Foodie Crush)


6. Grilled Swordfish With Tomato and Basil: Not to sound like Jessica Simpson, but swordfish really is the chicken of the sea. It’s meaty and can take on all the flavors that chicken would. In this dish, the hearty fish is topped with sautéed tomatoes and fresh basil, a combo that you would commonly see paired with chicken. (via The Corner Kitchen)


7. Hoisin-Glazed Salmon Skewers: If you’re hesitant to grill a whole fish or filet, skewers are the way to go. They help the fish stay together and make them really easy to flip. Brush with a simple glaze of Asian barbecue sauce, soy sauce, sesame oil and lime to complement that delicious charred flavor. (via Ricotta and Radishes)


8. Honey-Habañero Salmon With Charred Corn Salad: This grilled salmon is sugar and spice and everything nice. There’s a reason why sweet and spicy are such a popular combo, and this fish does not disappoint in the flavor department. Throw a charred corn salad with avocado on the side for a cool and creamy balance to the heat. (via Kelly’s Ambitious Kitchen)

Nicoise Fish Salard

9. Niçoise Salad With Grilled Fish: Whether you spent a summer abroad in France or you’ve dreamt of it while feasting at your favorite local bistro, salad Niçoise is probably your go-to lunch pick. Topping with simply grilled fish and lemon turns it into a hearty meal that even Ina Garten would be proud of. (via Feasting at Home)


10. Spicy Blood Orange Mahi-Mahi: Ordering fish out is great, but making fish at home can be way better. Using restaurant-quality ingredients like blood orange and curated spice blends gives you chef-inspired flavor with the control of cooking your fish just how you like it. (via Natalie Paramore)

swaordfish with mango

11. Grilled Swordfish With Mango Salsa: Can’t go on a tropical vacation this year? Bring the tropics to you! You’ll definitely want to blend up a batch of piña coladas to go alongside this zesty mango swordfish. (via Ala Lemon)


12. Swordfish Souvlaki: Take Greek night outside with these bright and tasty swordfish souvlaki skewers. Serve with homemade tzatziki and pitas for a full family feast. (via Cooking for Keeps)

Thai Grilled Fish 1

13. Thai Grilled Fish: Flakey fish like tilapia can be a bit scary to make on the grill. A layer of foil on the grates will help prevent the fish from sticking or falling through the spaces to the land of lost food beneath the grill. (via The Stay at Home Chef)


14. Whole Grilled Red Snapper: Whip up this whole grilled snapper and proclaim yourself a seaside chef. Once the fish is cooked to perfection, the meat will separate from the bones with ease and all you’ll be left with is perfectly tender herb- and lemon-scented red snapper. (via A Common Connoisseur)

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