You’ve got your pots. You’ve got your pans. You’ve got your cookbooks galore… yup, we smell a serious home chef in the making. But hold up there one minute, chef-y. There’s one thing you forgot. And that’s your own personal herb garden. We got your back. Growing indoors is easy with these DIY gardens. And that next basil mint mocktail you make? You better believe it’s going to be filled to the brim with homegrown goodness.

1. Strawberry Planters: We love how cute, creative, *and* practical this planter is. Not only is it a great shape for roots to thrive, but as your herb garden grows, so does the strawberry stem! (via A Charming Project)

2. Window Sill Planters: This tin can and spray paint DIY is the perfect way to repurpose “trash” into planters and grow your own food! Add some chalkboard labels to keep all the herbs straight! (via The Glass Garden)

3. Painted Mason Jars: Get your pastel on and pretty up basic mason jars into planters for all your fave herbs. Add simple popsicle stick name tags to mark each one. (via Gold Standard Workshop)

4. Repurposed Baking Pan: Whether you’re an avid baker or not, here’s another great use for a baking tin! (via Grillo Designs)

5. DIY Upcycled Herb Garden: Start saving your old lotion and shampoo bottles now and you’ll have the perfect little containers to plant your fave herbs in! Just give ’em a little paint to make ’em pop! (via Lovely Indeed)

6. Mason Jar Wall Hanging: Oh mason jars, is there anything you can’t do? Besides being extremely hip, the glass jars also allow you to see the water level. All you need for this DIY is pipe clamps and an old wooden board. (via Camille Styles)

7. Bottle Gardens: This project is a little more involved, but you get to recycle bottles, have a sparkly window display and never have to worry about over watering your herbs, making the payoff absolutely worth it. (via Design Sponge)

8. Hanging Garden: All you need for this DIY is some hooks and a tension rod. Paint all the elements in one color, fix the pots to the hooks and put the rod in the window. Instant elegance. (via Shelterness)

9. Upside Down: If you’re short on space, want to keep little fingers out of the dirt or just plain think it looks cool, try hanging your plants upside down! (via Apartment Therapy)

10. Vintage Planters: As long as there is adequate drainage, you can use anything for planters. Go to a thrift store and find pretty vintage tins for your windowsill garden. (via Try for DIY)

11. Ikea Hack: Mount an Ikea wine holder horizontally and plant your herbs into pint glasses with rocks on the bottom for drainage. Who doesn’t <3 a good Ikea hack?! (via Curbly)

12. Good Sunlight: Make sure your garden gets a solid five to eight hours of sunlight per day. Cilantro, parsley and basil are all sun-lovers, so choose a south facing window if possible. (via Style Me Pretty)

13. Hooks and Rods: Another easy DIY where all you need are hooks and some hanging glass jars for your herbs. (via Itsy Bits and Pieces)

14. Tiers of Herbs: How adorable is this three-tiered stand with terra cotta pots? Perfect presentation for a kitchen. (via Urban Comfort)

15. Potted and Carted: We love unexpected combinations, like this industrial bar cart with rustic pots. Instead of a collection of drinks, this cart is sporting an elegant array of beautiful herbs. (via SF Girl By Bay)

16. Vertical Space: If your green thumb just can’t be contained to a windowsill, consider taking over a full shelving unit with your favorite plants. Think how clean and oxygen-rich your apartment would be with all that greenery! (via Sous Style)

17. Simply Done: Sometimes less is more. If you don’t want to go with a full-fledged garden, pick the herb that you use the most and put that one plant on a shelf in your kitchen for an extra bit of color, life and flavor. (via Kikette Interiors)

18. Teacup Herbarium: Drill holes in teacups with a jewelers drill and use them as planters. Then, let the water drain into the saucers. Thyme prefers dry soil so try putting it in a shallow container like this. (via BHG)

19. Bath Time Herbs: Put plants in plastic pots and store them in a wire rack next to your tub for a convenient herb bath! Simply toss snips of French lavender, lemon balm and chamomile into warm water for a soothing soak. (via BHG)

20. Wooden Box: This look is fit for a contemporary kitchen. If you’re attempting to DIY, make sure you lay mesh in the bottom of the box to keep the plants from falling out. (via Houzz)

21. Sunken Living: Ready to do a little kitchen remodeling? Equip your countertop with a sunken space for bottles and a little herb garden. (via Houzz)

22. Gutter Mount: Mount short sections of an eaves trough to a chalkboard for a chic and modern herb garden with a personalized flair. (via 1001 Gardens)

23. Sitting Pretty: All ceiling and no wall space? Check out this hanging garden where the greenery acts as a complement to a contemporary kitchen. (via Kitcheners)

24. One Pot: Even the tiniest kitchen deserves fresh herbs, and in this indoor garden, all the herbs happily co-exist in one big pot. (via Apartment Therapy)

25. Cubby Hole: This modular planter vertically mounts on your wall and will look more and more like an art installation as the plants grow. (via Inhabitat)

Do any of these herb gardens have you itching to get your hands dirty? Let us know in the comments below!