Weddings are often the happiest day of a person’s life, and through photographs, one can revisit the special day over and over. With a photographer who knows what he or she is doing, you don’t just revisit — you relive it. Four times a year, the International Society of Wedding Photographers selects the best wedding photos from each of 20 categories.

Each of the contests is judged by ISPWP members who have previously won ISPWP awards, and all judges and members have shot at least 50 weddings and been voted into the organization by other members. For 2016, they selected 80 winners, and these wedding photos were deemed the best by the best.


1. Photographed by Lanny Mann of Two Mann Studios — Canmore, Alberta


2. Photographed by Tim Liu of Tim Vision — Shenzhen, China


3. Photographed by Whitby Bierwolf of Theilen Photography — Lake Tahoe, California


4. Photographed by Nunzio Bruno — Siricusa, Sicilia, Italia


5. Photographed by Nunzio Bruno — Siricusa, Sicilia, Italia


6. Photographed by Nacho Ibáñez — Tarifa (Cádiz), Spain


7. Photographed by Marian Sterea — Bucharest, Romania


8. Photographed by Mango Gu of Mango Photo — Hangzhou, China


9. Photographed by Lu Minifeel of Minifeel Photography — Taipei, Taiwan


10. Photographed by Gabriel Scharis of WeddingStudios — Den Haag, The Netherlands


11. Photographed by Cafa Liu of cafaphoto — Toronto, Ontario


12. Photographed by Benjamin Brette of Benjamin Brette — Paris, France

You can see the full article with all 80 winning photos here. Ready the tissues, because we can’t guarantee you won’t be ugly-crying at all the breathtaking beauty.

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(Feature photo via Marian Sterea)