The newest season of the Bachelorette is set to get all of the romance-fuelled drama started tonight (May 22), and while we’ve already been given a few details about this awesomely significant season starring Rachel Lindsay, the first POC in the lead, it’s the perfect time to go over every tantalizing fact we know about the Bachelorette so far.

Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay

While fully ready to focus on the 32-year-old attorney from Dallas as she continues her search for love (while knowing exactly what she’s looking for this time around), we’re still totally giggling over the meet and greet glimpse we were given that introduced us to Matt, the construction sales rep from Meriden, Connecticut, who showed up wearing a squeaky penguin costume (and somehow managed to make it super romantic).

But that’s apparently just the tip of the iceberg, as his intro is quickly followed by a full-on marching band. Yep, there’s no doubt, friends, this season is going to be BIG in more ways than we can imagine. And that’s not even taking into consideration the weirdness that comes along with a dude who shows up with an identical dummy named “A.J.” or another fella who claims to be a “tickle monster.”

But, TBH, we’re more interested in Fred, a 27-year-old executive assistant who admits he had a crush on Lindsay way back in elementary school when she was his camp counselor. OMG, too cute!

However, the final and most important detail we’re already privy to came from Lindsay herself, who admitted that she’s definitely engaged and “so in love.” We can’t wait to see every romantic moment of her journey to happily-ever-after.

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(h/t The Washington Post; photos via David Becker/Getty, ABC)