Fans of the Bachelor may have been beyond amused when Alexis showed up in a shark (or was is it a dolphin?) costume in an attempt to catch Nick Viall’s eye, but now it looks like this season’s Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay (who just happens to be engaged and “so in love”) has her own wild animal to deal with. That’s because one dude showed up to her meet & greet wearing a penguin costume. Yep, a penguin costume.

Rachel Lindsay

Romance fans, let us introduce you to Matt, the 32-year-old construction sales rep from Meriden, Connecticut. We can pretty much guarantee you won’t be able to forget his face when he shows up on day one in a full-on penguin outfit. And as silly as that sounds, the fact that his costume squeaks with every step is almost too much to handle.

Bachelorette penguin costume

Stepping up to Lindsay with a sincere, “How are you doing? You look unbelievable,” he already has the lady somewhat charmed as she greets him with a wide smile and whole lotta laughs. And though it starts out with a quirky twist, Matt’s sincerity shines through as he not only notes the Bachelorette’s love of the aquatic animal, but he adds that they’re also creatures that search out a “soul mate” to spend the rest of their lives with.

From Lindsay’s reaction to the surprising introduction, this fella may have made a questionable initial entrance, but he also may have won a few bonus points with his bravery. And penguins ARE wearing tuxedo colors, after all, so he’s more on-theme than Alexis was.

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(h/t E!; photos via Isaac Brekken/Getty, ABC)