Hidden rainbow hair is cool and all, but as pretty much every raven-haired beauty with a penchant for pastel is likely to have discovered on her own, unless you’re willing to bleach, the feasibility of this badass trend is slim to impossible.


Luckily for us, Splat hair color is here to change all that. Made with specially formulated “micropigments” meant to deposit color directly into dark follicles, you can get all the pigment of a lighter-haired lady without any of the harshness that goes along with bleaching, as can be seen here on @belindaselene, rocking Midnight Amethyst.

Better still? It’s also infused with conditioner, so your hair won’t be dry as straw, and is said to last up to eight weeks. And, as any colored brunette knows, that’s practically a lifetime.

Currently available for pickup only in select Target locations in ruby, indigo or amethyst for $9 a pop, it’s a helluva’ lot cheaper than hitting up the salon, so we think it’s at least worth a shot.

Here’s to (hopefully) never needing bleach again!

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(h/t Pop Sugar, photos via @splathairdye + Splat)