We’ve already found some of the most clever costumes out there for tech lovers, but what if you want your costume to actually incorporate some of those gadget features? We’re talking about LEDs, 3D printing and even iPhones. Here are some high-tech costumes to buy or DIY for that futuristic vibe.

1. Fiber Optic Dress: We want to wear this light-up dress at every evening event from now ’til forever. This would be a great costume if you were going as a martian or any space-themed gal. (via Instructables)

2. Seahorse: This insanely detailed headpiece is made from copper wire, fabric, sequins and of course some LED magic. (via Costume Works)

4. Robot: This puts our childhood cardboard box robots to shame! The lights really take it over the edge. (via Project Alan)

5. LED Shoe Clips: Don’t forget to light up your shoes, especially if you’re going as Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. (via Make)

6. Light-Up Leggings: If your Halloween costume leaves your legs bare you can try these for extra insulation… and extra light. (via Instructables)

7. Glow Man and Glow Girl: ($50): Get your glow on with a warm, comfy onesie that also glows in the dark!

8. Mabel of Gravity Falls: Little kids will love this tribute to the quirky Disney Channel character. (via Red Cross Knight)

9. Ninjaflex Spikes: You can use these glowing spikes as the spine of a stegosaurus costume, bling on a turtleshell or even a crazy headpiece for a futuristic space queen. You can download the design yourself right here. (via Thingiverse)

10. Dr. Finkelstein: This look took some really techy gadgets. With a 3D scanner and printer, the mouthpiece was made to precisely fit this little guy’s face. (via 3Ders)

11. 3D Printed Iron Man Helmet: If you have access to a 3D printer and you want to be a billionaire superhero, there’s no better way than with his glowing helmet. (via Instructables)

12. Glow-in-the-Dark Minnie Costume: Last year a toddler went viral as she ran through the dark in an adorable little stick figure costume (made by dad!), and it’s no wonder. It’s so dang cool her dad came back in 2014 for round two: Minnie Mouse! You can purchase the original glowing suits on his site while supplies last.

13. Daft Punk Helmet: We’re not sure if Daft Punk’s own iconic headgear was 3D printed, but this replica looks pretty spot on. The only other thing you need for this costume is a suit. (via 3Ders)

14. Daft Punk Suit: Speaking of! If you want to go all the way with the look (we know you do), add some electroluminescent wire to your suit. Someone just might ask for your autograph. (via Hack N Mod)

15. 3D Printed Blood Tie Clip: Get a free 3D printing download to make the killer tie clip that you can rock at the office for a little Halloween flair. (via Cubify)

16. 3D Printed Masks: These masks are the perfect techy touch to any costume that’s just a little bit creepy. (via Thingiverse)

17. Geordi Laforge Visor: Any Trekkies out there? This one’s for you. 3D print your own replica of the all-seeing VISOR. (via Thingiverse)

18. Rabbit Nose: Finish off your bunny look with this 3D printed snout. (via Thingiverse)

19. Jellyfish: This elaborate headwear is made mostly out of cheap crafting odds and ends you probably have right at home. (via Costume Works)

20. LED Headbands: Last year we got our glow on with these LED headbands at Brit HQ, and we loved them so much we’re bringing them back for a second round! (via Brit + Co)

21. Tron character: This one is glowing with the help of some electroluminescent wire. (via iO9)

22. Trapped Scuba Diver ($60): Last year a NASA Engineer built masks designed for you to insert your smartphone for some extra animation. This is one of our fave.

23. LED Light-Up Tardis Fascinator Hat: To top of your sci-fi Tardis costume, you need a little bulb. (Instructables)

24. Cybernetic Head System ($115): If you want to look like you came straight from a robotic future, try this on for size. It even comes with flourescent UV lighting.

25. Lightwings: Whether you’re dressed as Tinkerbell or a bumblebee, these fiber optic wings will set you apart from the crowd. (via Instructables)

26. Butterfly Mask ($90): With only this mask, you can wear anything you want and your costume will still look stellar.

27. Iron Man Arc Reactor: Building an entire Iron Man suit? This is the extra piece you need to take your costume to that “wow” level. (via Instructables)

28. Light Saber: What would a tech roundup be without a proper light saber tutorial? (via Sloth Furnace)

29. LED Eyelashes: This product is not available yet, but we had to include it because it’s just so lovely. You would definitely stand out at a party with eyes that glow. (via Soomi Park)

30. iPhone Box: Let’s say you’re reading this on October 31, and you’ve found yourself stuck without the time or resources to make any of these glowing, 3D printed costumes. Don’t fret! Be the comic relief and dress as an iPhone box. (via Mashable)

What’s your favorite techy costume? Let us know in the comments!