Hilary Duff and Jason Walsh Just Responded to All That Halloween Backlash
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Hilary Duff and Jason Walsh Just Responded to All That Halloween Backlash

Hilary Duff and new BF Jason Walsh caused QUITE the stir Friday night when they hit the town in their Halloween costumes.

Dressed in a Native American headdress (complete with face paint) and a vegetable-wielding Pilgrim’s costume, Jason and Hilary made their official debut as a couple, to the dismay of many, who were SERIOUSLY perturbed at their racially insensitive costume choices, particularly in the wake of the Dakota Access Pipeline protests. (ICYMI, there’s a serious battle going down RN over a proposed oil pipeline that would destroy Native American lands.)

Now, Hilary is taking to Twitter to set things right with a Chris Hemsworth-style apology, admitting that she probably didn’t put as much thought into it as she might have.

Jason issued an apology of his own via Instagram, saying that in hindsight, he also probably wouldn’t have made the same choices.

While it’s definitely disappointing that it took such a huge Twitter backlash to drive the point of racial insensitivity home, we’ve gotta hand it to these two for being open-minded enough to admit the error of their ways and for taking prompt and public steps to (attempt) to amend them.

Hopefully their lessons learned can be a reminder to us all to be a little more culturally sensitive from here on out!

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(h/t E!, photos via Todd Williamson + Mark Davis/Getty)