On a scale of one to Hilary Clinton’s social media team, how sassy are you feeling today? The Notorious HRC’s efforts to talk to millennials have been snap-worthy this campaign. Her team is out RTing Hillary emoji, making meme-y shirts and having email headers like these.


Snark attack! Everyone out of the pool!

Some might call it pandering to appeal to young voters this way, but joining the conversation in an organic way is pretty creative. Another way to do that (that doesn’t involve Snapcthat)? Nail art.


Hillary’s team posted this serious Beyoncé + Clinton nail art collab on Instagram today and we are jealous. Yes, this not a bipartisan style statement, but you could do this with any candidate. Heck, with Donald Trump nail art, you could add fluffy appliques for his hair and use Trump-tastic gold accents. Make your nails great again, America!

All kidding aside it’s really, really important that you get excited to vote. Ours is a generation that has HUGE influence on how things go down (just look at the amount of memes and hashtags used in advertising) and we have had a super low voter turn out in the past. There’s a statistic reported by NPR that says only about 23% of people under 30 vote. We have access to more information about politics and issues now than any other generation and we owe it to ourselves to get informed and go out and vote. Here’s a handy guide on web resources for the 2016 Presidential election we made to get you started!

Big things are in the air this election like student debt, healthcare, environmental issues and women’s rights. If those things are important to you (and if you read Brit + Co they obviously are) then get out and vote this election regardless of who you have painted on your nails.

What gets you stoked to vote? Tell us in the comments!

(Images via @hillaryclinton and Hillaryclinton.com)