We already know how former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton felt about her then-opponent’s body language during the 2016 presidential debates, and we know how she felt about losing that same election thanks to her book, What Happened. With a tour to support the newly minted author’s first memoir release, the former First Lady made a pit stop in Chicago Sunday night, where author Cheryl Strayed asked Clinton what she would be dressing up as on Halloween — you know, if she weren’t touring the country.

“Well, I have to start thinking about it, don’t I? Tomorrow is Halloween,” Clinton joked. Then, without missing a beat, she laughed, “I think I will maybe come as the President!” The audience of 4,000 loved the response and laughed right alongside her.

Although it’s not clear if Clinton meant that she’d be herself as the President, or dress up as President Trump, just the idea that she can laugh at her very difficult loss in the 2016 election is something to aspire to.

Clinton has been very forthcoming about her life and her plans for the future since last November’s fateful election. And although she’s technically no longer a politician, her actions and words in the wake of the tragic shooting in Las Vegas last month were inspiring to many.

During the event on Sunday night, Clinton also joked that even though, “there were times when I was tempted to just pull the covers over my head,” she got through her post-election blues by reading mystery novels and binge-watching HGTV because the shows on the network deliver something her presidential campaign did not: “satisfying ends.”

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(Photo via Drew Angerer/Getty)