Hotels. They’re fun to stay in. Like it’s kind of ridiculous how giddy it makes us. And that got us thinking… why is that? The obvious answer: They were designed by pros who know how to evoke emotions with interiors.

Whether making you feel like a high-power urbanite, a Kinfolk-reading woodswoman, or a romantic Parisian heiress –– we’ve scoured rooms to bring their genius into your homes for a permanent staycation.

1. Hotel Missoni, Edinburgh: This cohesive mix of colors and patterns is exactly what you’d expect from Missoni. And it’s a technique you can and should take into your own bedroom. All you need is time and motivation to do a few projects, like adding a bold coat of paint to a wall or two and buying or DIY-ing patterned textiles. Please note: Boring white-frame mirrors around the world are screaming for this revamp of awesomeness.

2. Praktik Garden. Barcelona: Non-working fireplaces have been filled with candles for way too long. We think this log look is way hotter (pun intended, always). It adds more coziness and is easy to replicate. Like right now. Go. Do it.

3. Longman & Eagle, Chicago: Subway tiles –– why don’t more homes use them in their bathrooms? They’re simple, clean, calming, and make the kind of sanctuary that we should all be entering before we hit the daily grind. (via Girl and the Abode)

4. The Bell Inn, East Sussex: Cozy plaid blankets on the bed. Check. Wood-slat headboards. Check. Outdoor elements, like tree trunks, making a bedside appearance. Check yes. This is the exact rustic retreat that would act as a sort of therapy for urbanites everywhere.

5. Ace, Portland: Just when we thought the clawfoot tub couldn’t get any better, the Ace does what they do best: They made it insanely hip. Pair it with gold hardware, and you’ve got yourself one rad little watering hole. (via Remodelista)

6. Brindleys, Bath, UK: We’re into this. Take a monochrome room and add a few simple splashes of bold color –– like canary yellow. And can we talk about that subtler shade on the ceiling for a minute? Who wouldn’t want to wake up to that ray of sunshine every morning?

7. Jerichos, Cumbria, UK: Let’s run down the list of things we like here… big masculine furniture toned down with floral pillows, bookshelf wall paper, and is that a photograph of wine we see in the fireplace? Why yes, it is. And it’s all 100 percent doable in your abode.

8. Ace, New York: Alright, we admit it. We have a thing for every Ace Hotel. The NYC location is making us crave a Stuart Smalley Daily Affirmation with inspirational messages etched onto our home bathroom mirror. (via The Scout)

9. Habita Monterrey, Mexico: Paint the walls black, and paint the floors white –– there’s no grey area here. These combined techniques are a design-award-winning combination. (via Design Hotels)

10. Basecamp: A tent in your room? It could happen. And if somehow you ever do get sick of the effect, just tear down the tent. Although that would mean you’d have to quit your nightly s’more habit too, which would be oh-so-disappointing. (via Wander Magazine)

Which look are you booking into your DIY calendar? Check in your comment below!