As if we needed more proof that Europe is lightyears ahead of us in terms of, well, basically everything, we need look no further than Swedish fashion giant H&M. With President Trump’s international anti-abortion orders being challenged by The Netherlands and many European countries aiming to take the lead on other international issues, H&M, a company known for its high profile fashion collaborations (like the recent H&M + Kenzo collab) has just agreed to donate millions of dollars to help refugee children.

H&M And Cara Delevingne Celebrate Opening Of New Location At Westfield World Trade Center

H&M’s founding family operates the H&M Foundation, a global not-for profit that has, in recent years, run a number of hugely successful charitable campaigns. The org focuses on four main areas: education, water, equality and the planet. Last year alone, the foundation started recycling clothing, raised money to help women gain equality throughout the world and, with their latest campaign, helped to provide education to refugee children.

The campaign was wildly successful: Before the holidays, H&M promised to take a portion of every gift card sold and put it toward their education initiative. The response was so overwhelming that they have now been able to amass $3.3 million to help these children gain access to education, supplies and anything else they need to go to school. Wowza!

Kenzo X H&M Photocall in Madrid

According to the H&M Foundation’s partners in this, the UNHCR and the UN Refugee Agency, over 50 percent of refugees are children, and less than half of them have access to supplies necessary to go to school. H&M has been working hard in the last few years to change its profile from that of a greedy fast-fashion retailer to one of a super conscious corporation. With this major donation happening, the company is taking the lead on supporting international efforts to help those in need, and TBH, it makes us proud to shop for their cute and on-trend clothing.

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(h/t HelloGiggles, photos via Craig Barritt, Europa Press/Getty)