Baby’s b-day is almost here! Your third trimester is nearing its end, and that means your BFFs, MIL, SIL, and the rest of the family are about to shower you with all the baby gear a girl could ask for. But if your little one’s future birthday comes after the holidays, it can get tricky. While no one should tell you to skip the shower (after all, it’s totally part of your first childbirth experience!), adding it into the holiday hoopla can present a few challenges. Before anyone starts planning, check out our dos and don’ts of showering it up during the festive season.

Candied cranberries and cream cheese cupcakes on glass stand. Homemade winter holiday dessert on light gray background


1. Use a holiday theme. This time of year is all about merriment, over-the-top decor, and parties. So go with it! Forgo the baby animals theme and turn your shower into a winter wonderland. Scour Pinterest and Instagram for holiday party images — it doesn’t matter if they’re baby showers or not. Deck the halls in fabulously festive decor, make wintertime mocktails, and wrap your goody bags like mini holiday gifts.

2. Respect everyone’s celebrations. December 25th is *not* the only date on the calendar. Whether you personally celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or any other winter holiday, do what you can to make ALL of your guests comfortable. Research holidays in December and choose a date that is festivity-free. When you’re in doubt, be sensitive and ask your guests what times/dates are better for them during their holiday season.

3. Ask sick friends and family to stay home. Holiday season tends to coincide with the start of the flu season. Even if you’re completely vaccinated, you can still get the flu — and so can your flu-free guests. Nobody wants to eat the adorable little penguin-topped cupcakes after Aunt Martha hacks all over them. Gently remind anyone who has symptoms to sit this one out.

4. Understand that this is a family time. You’d love for your work bestie to attend the shower, but she has an early family holiday party to attend out of town. Even though you’re disappointed, make sure that she knows you understand that her family is a priority.

5. Give guests a charitable donation option. While the baby shower is traditionally a time for the mama-to-be’s friends and family to gather-round and bring on the gear gifts, the holidays are also a time when giving can mean more. Ask yourself if you really, reallllly need 32 onesies, two different travel systems, three lightweight stroller choices, and enough teeny-tiny socks to fill an Olympic-sized pool. Let the hosts get the word out that a donation to a charitable cause of your choice is a welcome option.


1. Expect tons of stuff. The holidays can be a spendy time of year for everyone. Your guests may already be buying presents for their own kids, spouses, significant others, parents, and more, and adding in your baby shower gift to the mix may max them out. Make sure your registry offers choices for different budgets.

2. Schedule an all-day affair. People have plenty to do during the holiday time. While your friends and family want you to feel special, devoting eight hours of a weekend day to a “coming soon” baby party might not be possible. Talk to the hosts about what feels like a reasonable block of time, scheduling a brunch, lunch, or afternoon tea-type of shower.

3. Skimp on the festivities. Your guests have plenty o’ parties to attend during the holiday season, but that doesn’t mean your fête should feel anything less than fab. Even if every guest personally tells you that they have at least one more party to go to on the same day as your shower, you still need to pack yours with food and fun!

4. Wait until the last minute. This time of year people’s calendars are awash in vacations, parties, and events, so early notice is key! Don’t leave your friends and family waiting if they ask you for names and contact info — they want to make sure as many of your loved ones can celebrate with you as possible.

5. Hold off until after the holidays. While it’s tempting to give everyone (including yourself!) a break and wait until the holidays are over, use your due date to guide your shower planning. Pushing the party day back until after the new year may mean that it’s more of a sip-and-see than a shower.

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