Once upon a time, you were an almost-mom who had absolutely no baby gear. Heck, you barely knew what half the baby gear was. But now that you鈥檙e a second-time-around mama-to-be, you have gear spilling out of every conceivable space in your once carefully planned nursery decor. Prepping for baby number one was filled with magical moments, new experiences, and all kinds of presents. But what about baby number two? While a baby shower is completely customary with the first baby, the second may not warrant the same attention. If you鈥檙e not sure whether to have a second-baby shower, check out the reasons to go ahead with a fab baby bash.

A group of friends celebrate with a backyard barbecue

1. It鈥檚 a celebration. A baby shower is much more than a registry event. It鈥檚 a time to celebrate the new little bundle who is on the way. Whether it鈥檚 your first, second, or 14th baby, celebrating a new birth is always welcome.

2. Someone offers to throw a party.Asking for a second shower is a serious no-no. But if your BFF, SIL, or another friend/family member offers, it鈥檚 a totally different story. Turning down a party is like turning down a free new pair of shoes 鈥 and there鈥檚 no reason to do either. Accept the gift of a second shower and go ahead with the celebration.

3. Baby #2 is a different gender. When you told friends and family you were having a girl, you received a pile of pretty pink onesies for your first shower. Now you鈥檙e expecting a boy. Even though there鈥檚 no reason you can鈥檛 dress your soon-to-be son in shades of rose, it鈥檚 also okay if you want to collect a few mini baseball uniforms or train-covered sleepers too.

4. Everything is new and improved. Your first child may only be in preschool, but the baby gear world has apparently experienced a major technological revolution since then, which means those hand-me-downs you counted on are now less than functional. A baby shower gives you the chance to register for everything that鈥檚 now the new norm in baby products.

A woman admires a gift at a baby shower

5. You鈥檝e had a recent move. When you gave birth to your first baby, you lived in NYC. Now you鈥檝e swapped coasts, thanks to a work relocation to LA. If your first and second births are in different cities, having a second shower isn鈥檛 totally unwarranted. Not only did you probably have to leave some of your old baby gear behind, but the move may mean that you have a new friend group full of people who want the honor of throwing you a shower.

6. You incorporate a charitable aspect to it. Instead of gifts, you can suggest that your shower guests give to a charity. Using the upcoming birth of the newest addition to your brood as part of a charitable giving event is a double-duty party that makes everyone feel good.

7. You鈥檙e having a joint shower. The birth of your second child coincides with your BFF鈥檚, sibling鈥檚, or coworker鈥檚 big baby debut. If the first-time mama invites you to have a joint shower, go ahead. This way your pregnant belly won鈥檛 steal your friend or family member鈥檚 thunder when you show up to their shower. A joint shower lets everyone ooh and ahh over both of you equally without anyone feeling offended.

8. The shower is a smaller party. A second-time-around baby shower (AKA a 鈥渟prinkle鈥) doesn鈥檛 have to be an all-out occasion. Instead of renting out an entire restaurant, hiring a caterer, or creating a registry that goes on for miles, it鈥檚 okay to have a mini-shower that鈥檚 more of a small celebration just for your nearest and dearest.

9. It鈥檚 an excuse for a day out. Like many other busy moms, you don鈥檛 have all the free time in the world to hang with your friends. But a shower is a chance to get out of the house, have a nice lunch (that you actually get to sit down and eat), wear something other than yoga pants, and gossip with your besties for a few hours.

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