You guys, it’s almost the most wonderful time of the year! And you know why it’s called that, don’t you? It’s not because of presents or Peanuts cartoon specials, it’s because of holiday sweets! Get pumped for delicious wintertime delights with these 25 bite-sized holiday goodies.

1. Sweet Stars: Candied fruits and spices add a sweet zing to these star-shaped cookies. Dip the tops in white icing to give each a sugary glow. (via Ramadan Joy)

2. Holiday Patties: The combination of cool peppermint and chocolate is an unmistakable winter flavor. They’d make perfect party favors in the shape of Christmas trees and gingerbread men! (via Ms. Fox’s Sweets)

3. Cookie Butter Pumpkin Bites: This recipe is a genius way to use up your extra Halloween candy if you still have some on hand. Pumpkin-flavored Hershey’s kisses are front-and-center in this chewy, buttercup bite. (via Keep It Sweet Desserts)

4. Holiday Pretzel Treats: Red and green peanut M&Ms add festive flair to these sweet and salty pretzel bites. We love how Hershey’s Hugs melt into a beautiful black and white striped candy coating. (via Katrina Runs for Food)

5. Mini S’mores Cups Topped with Raspberries: Here’s a bite-sized twist on everyone’s favorite campfire snack. The raspberry-topped marshmallow fluff looks just like a Santa hat! (via Joyful Healthy Eats)

6. Rockin’ Reindeer Ravioli: We were definitely intrigued by the ravioli-as-dessert idea, and once we read the recipe, we were sold. Just chomp down on the brown sugar and cinnamon dough to reveal a gooey dark chocolate center, flecked with bits of crunchy, graham cracker. (via Food Network)

7. Gingerbread Meringues: We didn’t think there was a way to make light and airy meringues more heavenly! A mix of winter spices like clove, cinnamon, and of course, ginger make these meringues simply irresistible. (via The Dandy Life)

8. Bite-Sized Cinnamon Buns: There’s no sweet treat more universally loved than the cinnamon roll. So this bite-sized version is sure to be a holiday crowd pleaser. (via Live Laugh Rowe)

9. Dried Cranberry and Almond Jumbles: Dried cranberries add a tart pop to these plump sugar cookies. Be sure to toast the almonds for extra nutty flavor! (via Family Friendly Food)

10. Ornament Cupcakes: These dazzling ornament cupcakes are a must-make for your next holiday get together. Not only did we decorate them with a shimmering Sparkle Gel frosting, but we also gilded our Reese’s “ornament toppers” with gold food spray. (via Brit + Co.)

11. Apple-Coconut Bites: Here’s a creative way to use up your bushel of apples if you’re over apple pie. Mix grated apples and chopped nuts with graham crackers and top with coconut flakes to create these sweet and chewy bites that look just like mini snowballs! (via Diethood)

12. Super Simple Snowmen Cookies: Not only are these snowmen the most adorable holiday bite around, but they’re so incredibly easy to make! Better yet? It’s also a breeze to make that amazing peppermint tray! (via Munchkin Munchies)

13. Hot Chocolate Truffles: Hot chocolate truffles? Yes please! Is it wrong that we can think of no better way to enjoy this tasty trio than with a warm cup of…hot chocolate? ;) (via Your Cup of Cake)

14. Gingerbread Caramels: A classic caramel recipe gets a buttery boost from gingerbread spices. This chewy delight might be the ultimate grown-up Christmas treat. (via Confessions of a Foodie Bride)

15. Chocolate Chip and Raisin Slices: White chocolate chips and raisins join forces to amp up these delectable dark chocolate bars. How could you resist a bite with such festive toppers? (via Pecete’den Notes)

16. White Chocolate and Ginger Cheesecake Bites: Crumbled ginger biscuits and cream cheese combine forces to make these white chocolate-dunked bites. You can even sub in pumpkin puree to give these treats a more seasonal spin. (via The Littlest Bakehouse)

17. Cookie Christmas Trees: Okay, so you might have to open really wide to make these cookie Christmas trees “bite-sized,” but in this case, the effort is definitely worth it! Green icing decoratively binds together these delicious cookie towers. (via Brit + Co.)

18. Marzipan Christmas Bites: Bust out your fondue kit for this easy holiday dessert DIY. It would be so fun to make these with friends at your next holiday party. (via Cake Journal)

19. Ginger Cream Christmas Cookies: These ginger cream cookies sound too good to be true. Let’s just say if someone left a plate of these out for Santa in our office, they’d most likely vanish by the time he shimmied down the chimney! (via The Kitchen Magpie)

20. Christmas Macaroons: How adorable are these macaroon pops? After seeing these mistletoed stunners, we’re ordering ourselves a pack of edible markers ASAP. (via Las Recetas de la Felicidad)

21. Candy Cane Brownie Bites: Warning: one peek at this Christmas sweet will result in visions of candy cane brownies dancing in your head. ;) (via Patty’s Food)

22. White Christmas Crackles: Amp up your next batch of Rice Krispie treats with a holiday favorite like candied cherries. Make things even more festive by serving them in green and red cupcake liners. (via Delicieux)

23. Natural Red Velvet Cake: Looking for an all-natural way to achieve bright reds in your baking this holiday? The secret dye? Beets, of course! Give this natural red velvet cake a shot. (via Las Recetas de la Felicidad)

24. Holiday Nutella Bites: If you’re like us, nothing beats Nutella in the sweets department. We know what we’re making the next time we’re craving brownies at Brit HQ! (via Ditehood)

25. Spiked Strawberry Santas: Yes, we made strawberries and Oreos look like little Santas. But, seriously, that’s not really the point. What matters is that we spiked this light and fluffy frosting with marshmallow vodka. So. Epic. (via Brit + Co.)

What are your favorite bite-sized holiday desserts? Is there a recipe we just have to know about before Christmas? Talk to us in the comments below!