Has a Halloween-induced sweet tooth left you with a ginormous stash of bite-sized candies? Use up your sugary surplus with these 15 creative, candy-filled recipes. Everything from baked goods to ice cream (and even alcohol) gets mixed, mashed, and infused with leftover Halloween treats. Sugar high-five!

1. Peanut Butter Snickers Brownies: We just about died and went to brownie heaven! These fudgy bites are made with chunks of chewy Snickers and a thick, creamy peanut butter swirl. (Two Peas & Their Pod)

2. Butterfinger Cake: If everything’s better with butter, then it should be safe to call this cake the very best. Good old-fashioned butter, butter cake mix, peanut butter filling, and of course, Butterfinger candy puts this decadent cake on par with any Paula Deen recipe! (Brit + Co.)

3. Skittles Rice Crispy Squares: Looking for a fun way to trick out Rice Krispie treats? This mix of gooey marshmallow and fruity Skittles is sure to satisfy nearly all pre-teen tastebuds. Though we must admit, we wouldn’t dare pass up a bite! ;) (Oven Adventures)

4. Oatmeal Heath Bar Cookies: What would chewy oatmeal cookies taste like if yucky raisins were replaced with brittle Heath Bar bits? Now we can all find out with this insanely intriguing recipe. (The Naptime Chef)

5. White Chocolate Candy Corn M&M Blondies: Seasonal-flavored M&Ms sweeten up this classic blondie recipe. The M&Ms are left whole, providing texture and festive color to every delicious bite. (What’s Cooking, Love?)

6. Peanut Butter Twix Ice Cream: Peanut butter ice cream with peanut butter Twix? Yes, please! Even if you’re a purist, you can make this recipe work with regular Twix and vanilla ice cream. (Sugar Plum Blog)

7. Perfectly Peppermint Brownies: Looking for something lighter than caramel or peanut butter to add to your brownie mix? Try stirring in refreshing peppermint patties to give your brownies a minty fresh flavor. (Food.com)

8. Red Hot Popcorn: Everyone’s favorite face-stuffing snack just got a flamin’ hot makeover! Simply melt a box of red hots, drizzle over popcorn to coat, and serve at your next (scary) movie night! (Taste and Tell Blog)

9. Sour Patch Kids Cookies: Meet the chocolate chip cookie’s super cool cousin. Sugar cookie dough gets an awesome upgrade from both the Sour Patch Kids and instant vanilla pudding mix, which gives ‘em a soft texture. (Design Eat Repeat)

10. Almond Joy Ice Cream Bomb: Making an Almond Joy ice cream cake came to us in a stroke of genius, and our tastebuds have been thanking us ever since. Finish this wow-worthy dessert by crumbling the candy over the chocolatey shell, which protects a goldmine of coconut ice cream. (Brit + Co.)

11. Gooey Halloween Chex Mix: This festive, easy-to-make Chex Mix combines the unbeatable mix of sweet and salty. We especially love the combo of pumpkin spice M&Ms, shredded coconut, and whole almonds you find in each handful. (My Sister’s Suitcase)

12. White Chocolate Candy Bark: Here’s another super basic recipe: white chocolate candy bark. Just sprinkle your candy leftovers across a smearing of melted white chocolate—we used Reese’s Pieces and candy corn—then kung-fu chop the base to pieces once it’s dry! (Brit + Co.)

13. Peanut Butter Cup Boozy Brownies: We’re known to spike our sweets around here at Brit HQ, so it’s no surprise we’re fans of these peanut butter cup boozy brownies. There’s no better use for Godiva chocolate liqueur and whipped cream vodka in our book! (Cooking with Curls)

14. Starburst-Infused Vodka: Even if you’re not a fan of “girly” drinks, how could you pass up the chance to try a sip of this Starburst-infused vodka? Just like the candy, we bet the pink and red flavors go first. :) (Mix That Drink)

15. Candy Bar Cake: Why eat one kind of candy bar when you can eat four…in the form of a four-layer candy bar cake!? Now you can with our ultimate over-the-top creation that features Twix, Snickers, Rolos, and Heath Bars. (Oh yes we did!) (Brit + Co.)

Did we miss any amazing recipes that use up your leftover Halloween candy? What ways do you cook or bake with candy? Tell us in the comments below!