This Fresh Holiday Hairstyle Will Make You Forget All About the Topknot
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This Fresh Holiday Hairstyle Will Make You Forget All About the Topknot

Calling all hair gurus! If you’re all about texture, get ready to be obsessed with this trendy take on a traditional look: the bun. This isn’t any bun, though — this is a twisted, textured version designed for gals with curly hair. This easy-to-hack ‘do elevates your look in a snap, and you can rock it with wet hair, dry hair and even second-day hair. How perfect is that?! Catch all the deets below and make it your own.


First, create a circular section all around the crown (like we did here), making a ponytail and holding it together with an elastic band. Next, twist the ponytail to begin creating your bun.


Once your ponytail is twisted, coil it downward until you’ve formed a bun on top of your head and pin it in place. Remember to pin using the wavy side of your hairpin facing downward against the scalp so the strands stay in place.


Now comes the fun part! Begin twisting small sections of the remaining hair upward and pin the ends around your bun as illustrated above.

Crisscross your twisted sections to create even more texture and to add an extra bit of drama.

The more twisted pieces you can create, the better! The key to this style is texture, texture, texture.     

When twisting the front, we recommend twisting a piece or two over your actual bun to highlight your texture and keep things looking extra trendy.

Talk about #hairgoals! We love that this style is dope from every angle. Happy holidays!

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Hair and Concept by Maritza Buelvas

Modeling by Rachael Simone

Photography by Jennifer Coffey