Gifting your beau the perfect present can be so much tougher than shopping for your co-workers and BFFs. If you’ve just started dating, it’s hard to tread the line between nice and too nice. Or if you’ve been together for a million years, you’ve already showered him with your “greatest hits” gifts. In order to help a sister out, we’re sharing the best new guy gifts that will blow his mind and remind him of how you’re the most thoughtful, considerate gift-giver ever.


1. Woodzee’s Maker’s Mark shades ($150): Woodzee’s newest shades are a collaboration with your BF’s favorite pantry go-to, Maker’s Mark. These sunglasses are made from recycled Maker’s Mark whiskey barrels and crafted in Woodzee’s hometown of Chico, California.


2. J. Crew Poplin Pajama Set ($70): Every guy needs a comfy cotton pair of PJs. Set him up with this set for comfy snuggling for him and for you.


3. Brilliant Bicycle ($299+): How about getting your urban commuter BF a swank new two-wheeled ride? Brilliant Bicycle Co. makes compact, sexy bikes that are affordable and get mailed directly to you.


4. Kooba Game ($70): This season’s hottest board game (seriously) describes itself as darts meets Backgammon. It’s physical and family friendly, and much safer as a drinking game than darts.

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5. Brentwood Home Lumen Pillow ($100+): Gift your guy some new organic threads for his bed as a way to show how considerate you are of his wellbeing.


6. Kit and Ace Technical Cashmere ($118+): For the guy who’s somewhere between prep and hipster, Kit and Ace’s technical cashmere sweaters will give him equal parts casual and cool. Made with their signature technical cashmere, they’ll keep him comfy-cozy all winter long.


7. Waterproof Bike Socks ($18): Simple, thoughtful and budget-friendly, a pair of high-performance socks for your cyclist guy is anything but boring. These are reflective and durable, and come in ankle and calf heights.

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8. Bluetooth Speakers ($149): These speakers are a perfect gift for the outdoorsy guy in your life. Waterproof, snow-proof and shockproof, they’ll stand up to any of the elements your adventurer guy can throw at them.


9. VDKA 6100 ($35): For the health-conscious spirits fan, VDKA 6100 is made with fresh, seasonal whey and natural spring water from Reporoa, New Zealand. It is gluten-free, sugar-free and lactose-free and its base has one of the lowest methanol counts in the world.


10. Bombfell ($100+): Bombfell is a monthly men’s clothing subscription service. Each shipment is hand-selected by an in-house stylist, and guys have 10 days to decide what to keep and what to return.


11. Anova Sous-Vide ($149): For the tech enthusiast and aspiring home chef, Anova is a new DIY sous-vide device that will help your guy make anything without overcooking. The device connects via WiFi, so Chef BF receives an alert via his mobile device when dinner’s done.


12. Sonos speakers, Deezer subscription ($200+): For your musically inclined man or home theater system snob, Sonos’ sound systems are some of the best and most beautiful in the biz. Scoop up a Sonos system and set him up with their exclusive music streaming service, Deezer, which includes 35 million songs to listen to.


13. MeUndies matching undies ($20+): This men’s and women’s undies subscription service and online shop lets you scoop up matching styles for you and your boo!


14. Scentbird ($15): Scentbird’s subscription service sends a 30-day supply of the best designer fragrances in the business. This way, your guy can “date before he marries” his signature scent.


15. Bevel Razor Starter Kit ($89): The first razor specifically made for men with coarse hair, these single blade razors are clinically proven to reduce and prevent razor bumps. Grab your guy a starter kit, which includes a razor and one month of blades, priming oil, shave cream and restoring balm.

Let us know what you’re getting for your guy in our comments!