With your to-do list growing bigger and bigger as we get closer to the holidays, finding a gift for dear old mom and nailing your style for all the holiday parties you RSVP’d to seems easy enough, but then you also need to come up with gift ideas for your coworkers and all the people you work with. Corporate giving doesn’t have to be boring or stuffy. Take a cue from our “makers gonna make” motto and share your creative values with your clients, your partners and your team members too. Wrap up one of these 15 products and show your connections that you mean more than just business.

Unique Gift Ideas for Clients

Mantry Food Crate

1. Artisanal Food Crate ($85): Baskets bottomed with shredded, crimped paper are out. Handmade crates stuffed with America’s finest artisanal noms? Definitely in. Send a single case of goodies, or sign up your business partner for a three-month subscription.

DIY Hot Sauce

2. DIY Hot Sauce Kit ($34): Reaffirm a warm business relationship… literally. This kit includes everything needed to concoct three unique hot sauces.

Cocktail Mixers

3. White Whale Cocktail Mixers ($30): Win over hearts, minds and tastebuds with these cocktail additions infused with exotic juices and garden-fresh herbs. Want to give the gift of hangover-free mornings too? Check out this electrolyte-packed line of mixers that actually prevent those next-day headaches.

Rye Whiskey Caramel

4. Rye Whiskey Caramel Sauce ($33): Does giving liquor feel a little too Mad Men? Modernize the classic corporate gift with the next best thing to a fine bottle of booze. This sweet derivative blends Old Overholt Rye Whiskey with organic cream for a truly decadent sauce.

Sipping Kit

5. Hot Chocolate Sipping Kit ($23): Can you say YUM? Your client will too when they taste this rich and deluxe cocoa.

Unique Gift Ideas for Your Team

Watercolor Class

6. Watercolor Class + Kit ($117): Fun fact: Creativity links to productivity, happiness and problem-solving skills. Give a gift that helps your team be the best that they can be.


7. Custom Emojis ($75): Who wouldn’t want an emoji likened in their own image? It’s hard to go wrong with this fun techie gift.

Gold Totes

8. Gold Foil Tote Kit ($19): Gift a little gold, then get ready for a seriously stylish office.

Calligraphy 101 Class

9. Calligraphy 101 Kit and Class ($76): As Einstein said, “Creativity is intelligence having fun.” Who wants to argue with genius? We’re all about sharing good times and learning at the same time.

Custom Printed Flask

10. Custom-Printed Flask ($25): Take team gifting up a notch. Add your company logo or an image that your team will vibe with.

Unique Gift Ideas for Your Coworkers

Soy Glad Candle

11. “You’re Soy Amazing” Candle ($18): Puns FTW! Show a little love for your badass partner without getting too mushy.

Cord Tacos

12. Cord Tacos ($29): It’s hard to go wrong with the one gift that everyone could benefit from: a stylish and cleverly named accessory that will prevent cord tangles indefinitely.

DIY Deer Bust

13. DIY Cardboard Deer Bust ($30): Give a gift that’s off the wall. Warning: This may induce wonder, delight and sheer joy.

Beer Soap

14. Beer Soap Collection ($27): Don’t worry, ya can’t get drunk through your skin, so present these inventive soaps to your partner. The set will pay homage to traditional business gifts, and the hops, yeast and wheat protein from the beer will exfoliate dead skin, fight bumps and tighten and firm skin.


15. Homemakers ($23): Part homemaking guide, part DIY bible, this book is a must-have. For bonus points, gift the materials for one of the projects.

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What will you give your boss? Tell us in the comments.