These days, everything from pets to dollhouses have their own Instagram accounts, so it only seems right that gorg homes get a little spotlight too. We’re talkin’ feeds that showcase the unique decor of a variety of home styles while also providing tons of inspo for you to work into your own abode. You’ll find Airstream accounts that’ll show you how to maximize small-space living, desert-chic designs that can teach you how to amp up your Southwestern sensibility, and colorful casas that’ll inspire you to bring eclectic whimsy into the mix. Scroll on and get ready for a serious case of decor envy — you’re gonna want to start tapping *follow* on these homes.

1. @biggerthanthethreeofus: This gem is all about showcasing Southwestern style with a modern flair. Textures and earth tones abound in this abode that’s constantly being updated, making it a great source of revamp inspo!

2. @place_ofmy_taste: The owner of this sweet home isn’t afraid of using bright colors and bold patterns to make a room *sing.* It’s the ultimate go-to account when you’re aiming to bring some springy pops into your decor — so give it a gander and start planning ASAP.

3. @undecorated_home: This pic is a perfect example of the design magic channeled on this account (hello, hot pink guitar and aqua dresser!). It’s overflowing with stylish statements that will remind you to decorate with all the things you love.

4. @kismet_house: With so many interesting elements, this ’70s beach haven is basically a playground for the eyes. Subtle symmetry keeps it grounded in sophistication, while eclectic pieces tell all kinds of playful stories.

5. @thejoshuatreehouse: If you’re looking for ways to add raw materials to your decor scheme without going too rustic, get to know this wonder in Joshua Tree. It’s a stylish blend of gems from Mother Nature and contemporary design.

6. @theranchuncommon: Uncommon objects in a familiar setting is the name of this house’s game. Worldly pieces come together for intriguing statements in a dwelling that’s endlessly cozy and welcoming.

7. @tlee79: Unicorns, rainbows, and watermelons, oh my! No whimsical stone goes unturned in this funky maximalist residence.

8. @houseofsixinteriors: This home is all about putting together elements to make the design love child we call boho-chic. Breezy materials are combined with global patterns in a way that feels airy, refreshing, and sophisticated all at the same time.

9. @casajoshuatree: Lovely layers are the foundation of this home’s style. If your space feels a little stale, this account will inspire you to try bringing in some textural gems, like a faux-fur throw, to amp up its vibe.

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Love our cozy home. ❤

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10. @mavistheairstream: Airstreams are the best streams! The duo behind this caravan are basically the king and queen of small-space living.

11. @francoisetmoiblog: This contemporary Tudor residence is being renovated one room at a time, and you get to watch it unfold every day. If you’re curious about stellar DIY home renovations, this feed will answer so many questions.

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🌞🌵☁️ 📷: @janereaction

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12. @domeinthedesert: The cuteness in this dome-ain truly knows no bounds. The best part? It’s an Airbnb, so you can book this baby and gawk at it IRL!

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13. @cabincabincabin: Here’s another Airbnb to make your desert dreams come true. Boho meets whimsy in this Southwestern oasis that pretty much begs you to take a desert vacay.

14. @thebeachlodge: Speaking of vacays, this beachfront lodge is yours for the staying if you find yourself near Hollywood Beach. Expect to be surrounded by vibrant colors, bold patterns, and a whole bunch of style to make your sensibilities sing.

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