There are many people to look up to, from #girlbosses to celebrities, athletes, bloggers, social media influencers and more. BUT, what about gaining inspo and having #lifegoals moments from pets? Yep, animals on Instagram lead fast-paced, fashion-forward, envious lives, too. Check out some of our favorite Instagram-famous pets below, take notes on how you can make your life cooler according to the canines, felines, bunnies, and more, and then get even more daily life activity ideas from our new site, Pet + Co, to live your best life today.

1. @rileybeann: Follow along on the endless journeys and countless creative (and stylish) photo shoots in the life of this three-year-old orange brittany.

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👌 So smol.

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2. @albertbabycat: Always wished for a munchkin cat? Than this kitten is the purrfect visual feed to fulfill those cat nap daydreams.

3. @rustyrodas: Add a little extra style to your feed in the form of this fashion-forward golden retriever.

4. @heygizmo: Super tiny pup. Adorable grouchy face. More impressive clothing collection than your own. Yep, this little guy is an instant follow.

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Io will have the cleanest ears in bunny history

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5. @ioandkili: You’re going to fall floppy-eared head over fuzzy rabbit-fur heels for this reddish brown and silver duo who love nothing more than cuddling and giving you heart eyes IRL.

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Mornings, woof.

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6. @lifewithleroy: This scruffy pup is the reason Instagram was created. Bring everyday adventure envy to your life by following this blonde four-legged, statement bandana-wearing cutie’s daily activities.

7. @lokethebully: Take a virtual trip to Stockholm for OTT daily visuals of this gorgeous red miniature bull terrier.

8. @acornthebunny: Those fluffy, floppy ears are more than enough reason to follow this tiny house bunny.

9. @dottiedoxie: This dachshund with dots knows how to pose. And wear clothes.

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Hanging out in Miami! #calicospringbreakroadtrip2k16

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10. @adventuresofcalico: This little African Pygmy hedgehog — who’s no bigger than your hand — will fuel your wanderlust feels, traveling coast to coast, without ever lifting one of its tiny paws.

11. @emwng: Prepare yourself for serious life goals from this minimalist-inspired feed full of two adorable pups in various environments, posing with everything in the book and loving on one another the entire time.

12. @bikke_the_chip: Yep, chipmunks can be pets! And this adorable duo will leave you wanting one of your own.

13. @goatsofanarchy: Follow this feed for a day-to-day check-in on a tribe of goats, from feeding time to looking fab in a flower crown.

14. @princereefer: If you think this mini pug is precious, wait until you see him dressed in costumes.

15. @fuzzberta: This Guinea pig will make all of your photo shoot ideas reality. From Rosie the Riveter to Mario, this cutie will give you endless photo prop ideas for your next party.

16. @renecharlesnyc: As this fab pup’s bio states, this blonde male is a flawless Frenchie, running the streets of NYC even better than the top style bloggers — attitude and ego included.

17. @torus23: Come for the colorful lovebirds, stay for the gorgeous shiba inu.

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Yellow Towel in a Yellow Towel

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18. @yellowandtowel: Not only do these two furballs cuddle and pose together, they also get pampered side-by-side. The result is over the top cuteness.

19. @remixthedog: This miniature schnauzer has numerous things going for him. First and foremost, he’s got a dapper signature look — sweaters and glasses.

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#2015favorites 🍉

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20. @jackthecockatiel: This curious and colorful bird finds everything interesting. From watermelon to popcorn, he’ll find a way into any situation.

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Step away from the puppy. #MamaBear

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21. @thefugee: If you’re looking for an Instagram feed overflowing with dogs making hilarious faces to save on your phone’s camera roll to send reaction shots to your friend’s text messages, these border collie mutts won’t disappoint.

22. @mumitan: Prepare to be impressed by the handmade costumes this suave (and soft) bunny wears.

23. @simonthejackchi: This duo loves staring at the camera right into your face (pulling at your heartstrings). So get ready for all the feels.

24. @superhirocat: This white and gray feline is the epitome of cat eyes.

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25. @dazeofdukeandsully: Add this great dane duo to your must-follow list to overflow your feed with two big, heart-stealing personalities.

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Happy Totoro, sleepy chinchilla 😴

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26. @chintubehd: You already knew chinchillas were adorable, but this family of them takes it to another level. Especially when posing with anything they can get their tiny paws on.

27. @ichaity: Future spokesdoggies, take notes from this creative and talented French Canadian pooch.

28. @prissy_pig: These little piggies go to first grade everyday. Wishing you were back in school again now?

29. @bonjourbrie: Feel like you’re living the life of this pampered Boston terrier by taking a peek inside her fab life.

30. @turkeytemps: Living it up in California, this cavalier King Charles is ready to take you from one journey to the next, then snoozing immediately after.

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Bohemian Chic #dogsofbritco #petandco

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BONUS DOGS OF PET + CO: @winston_sirchill + @documenting_daisy: Pet owners at our company LOVE their furry BFFS, so obviously we’ve all got an Instagram account for our cats and dogs. Check out two of our newest additions, Winston the Frenchie and Daisy the Wheaton terrier, for a double dose of cuteness overload.

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