The miniature dollhouse trend taking Instagram by storm is overflowing with so much stylish cuteness that it’s almost too much to bear. These aren’t your run-of-the-mill, traditional dollhouses. No, no. These are uber chic, modern and incredibly trendy miniature abodes brimming with inspiration that you can use in your own home. From faux fur to Greenery to Scandi style, the decor in these teeny tiny rooms is so stunning that you’ll wish you could shrink down to two inches and move your tiny self right in. (If you figure out how, please take us with you.)

1. Dreamy Bedroom: Why, hello dreamy bedroom with your sunset colors! Painting the lower half of your bedroom wall is a great way to add depth to your design without sacrificing precious space.

2. Sweet Kitchen: The organic details and chic backsplash make this teeny tiny kitchen an enviable one to be sure. Now, if only we were small enough to enjoy that bottle of wine…

3. Mellow and Modern: How is this tiny room even real? With the cowhide rug and velvet couches, everything about this miniature look is on point — even the wooden pineapple on the wall.

4. Casual Cuteness: From the faux fur to the gray color palette, this bright and breezy bedroom is so on trend that it’s hard to believe it’s made for dolls. Grays and pastels make for a killer color combo, if you’re looking for ways to update your space in 2017.

5. Scandi Style: As it turns out, creatures large and small love the sanity-making powers of Scandi style. This pared-back aesthetic coupled with warm tones will chill out even the most frenzied of dolls.

6. Cute Nursery: Need inspiration for a nursery of your own making? Think about adding stimulating shapes and compelling colors, like this baby-sized baby bedroom, to keep your little one happy and engaged.

7. Minimalist Magic: From the Chanel box to the retro chair, this small room is big on style that you can totally borrow for your own home. This is proof that, with the right layout, minimalism can work in even the teeniest of spaces.

8. Pink + Green: In the market for a new and compelling color combo? Pink and green is a no-fail combination when it comes to making your style pop. Add a touch of metallic gold for a chic finish.

9. #BackyardGoals: If you’re lucky enough to have a pool in your backyard, macrame details will keep it looking light and fresh. While you’re at it, add a macrame wall hanging to any room of your home.

10. Itsy Bitsy Bathroom: Dolls need laughs too. Take a page from this itty bitty resident’s design book and infuse a little humor into your room with a textual bathmat.

11. Beachy Keen: This beachy bedroom is packed full of style thanks in large part to its abundant natural light and adorable wall hanging. Maximize the light in your own bedroom to see it at its full potential.

12. Eclectic Color: A little color can go a long way, even in tiny form. If your space could use a lift, consider adding a colorful set of dining chairs like these to instantly spice things up.

13. Cozy Fur: As if we needed any more reasons to fall in love with the faux fur trend. If you’re looking to step up your cozy game this winter, invest in a furry area rug (or three) that’ll make you want to roll right onto the floor for some comfy reading.

14. Boho Bedroom: This teeny tiny boho bedroom is, ironically, a great example of how to work with extra bedroom space while maintaining a simple aesthetic. If you have more space than you know what to do with, break things up using plants and area rugs.

15. High-End Style: Just because you’re smaller than a finger doesn’t mean you can’t get sophisticated with your style. To hop on the fast track to sophistication, play with varying hues of the same color to add layers to your look.

16. Chic and Simple: If you haven’t already picked up on it from these examples, a little (no pun intended) can go a long way. For chic simplicity, keep your color palette neutral and your furniture minimal, then use plants to bring life to the mix.

17. All Pink Everything: If you love one color more than any other, don’t be afraid to use it with abandon. As long as you mix things up with different textures and patterns, a monochromatic color palette can be incredibly visually compelling.

18. Hygge for Days: If ever there was a time to try on this oh-so-cozy hygge-inspired style, it’s in the heart of winter. Pile on fluffy blankets and pillows in matching tones to create the ultimate refuge from the big crazy world we live in.

19. Blissful Boudoir: Sometimes the best medicine is a good book in a warm bed. Cover your surfaces with faux fur accents to maximize coziness.

20. Wallpaper: Wallpaper has a knack for punctuating any look. Match the patterns or colors to your furniture to create easy peasy cohesion.

21. Black + White: Black and white is a trusty color combination that never goes out of style. Plus, it paves the way for all kinds of pattern play.

22. Natural Light: Sometimes sunshine is the best accessory. Opt for sheer, breezy curtains to let its warm vibes wash over your space.

23. Soft and Feminine: Have feminine aesthetic leanings? Creams, pale pinks and metallic accents are a stunning way to showcase soft and stylish designs.

24. Bold Patterns: On the other hand, maybe you prefer a bit more edge to your look. Choosing bold patterns in different materials will make for a rich, textural design packed with personality.

25. Blank Slate: If you can’t quite figure out what sort of look you’re after, consider going the all-white route. It’s a timeless color that always looks chic, while at the same time functions as a blank slate for decor additions and updates.

26. Greenery: If you’re looking for ways to modernize your boudoir, look no further. Pantone’s color of the year made its way into this tiny room via stylish bedding, and we’re living for it.

27. Home Office: No place benefits more from stellar organization than your home office. If yours is overflowing with stuff, install some open shelving to effortlessly keep things neat and tidy.

28. Retro Accents: We’ve learned by now that Insta dollhouses don’t mess around when it comes to freely incorporating trends. Add a retro accent or two, like this uber-cute fridge, to inject a little trendy nostalgia into your design.

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