Man, we LOVE honey. It’s so good in cake, popsicles and drinks, not to mention our coffee and tea. It’s the perfect sweetener, and it’s good for us because it’s natural. Right? Right?! Sorry to be the bearer of bad new here, but science says that honey might be as bad for you as the big no-no sweetener high fructose corn syrup (HFCS).

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According to the Washington Post, the USDA did a study that compared honey, cane sugar and HFCS to see how the subjects’ body weight, cholesterol, insulin, blood sugar and blood pressure compared. The 55 subjects were given daily doses of each and monitored closely. And here’s the bad news: All three basically had the same effect on the body, because they’re all chemically made up of the same stuff — fructose.


Fructose is found in any and everything sweet, from an apple to a box of Lucky Charms. So while HFCS might not be as bad for you as we once thought, honey may not be the natural nectar of the gods that we make it out to be. The bottom line is that a sweetener is a sweetener, no matter what, so use sparingly, folks.

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(h/t Washington Post; photos via Brandon and Dino Giordano)