So you’re not the biggest fan of dark fall colors, eh? This one’s for you. We’ve already got you covered in the food and drink departments for fall, but as sweater weather is quickly approaching, we know you’re looking for that perfect statement piece that screams, “I’m not ready for summer to be over!” If you’ll be missing bright colors and the heat in the upcoming months, today’s project to add cactus elbow patches to your sweaters is the perfect way to get you ready for those brisk days and into something a little more fun!



  • a sweater you want the patches to go on
  • green heat-transfer vinyl
  • white embroidery thread
  • 4-inch cactus drawing/template


– iron

– scissors

– needle



1. Trace the cacti onto the iron-on vinyl and cut them out.

2. Mark the elbows of your sweater and place a cactus shape onto the area where you will be adhering it.

3. With the dull side down, cover with wax paper and iron over the patch with the cotton setting on your iron.

4. Remove the wax paper. Thread a needle with embroidery thread to make the needles of the cacti.

5. Starting on the inside of the sweater, poke the needle through the cactus. Come back to the outside of the sweater, poking a second hole very close to the first.

6. Remove the needle from the thread and tie the two ends together in a knot. Trim the ends and repeat until you have enough needles.

7. Repeat steps two through six on the other sleeve.

  1. Step2-CactusElbows

    Once you trace the cactus, make sure to cut it out on the inside of the Sharpie line. You don’t want any of the Sharpie transferring onto your sweater. Only iron over the patch a few seconds at a time. If you leave the iron on it for too long, it will end up melting. Eek!

  2. Step-3

    Add poke-free embroidery thread needles to your cactus!

  3. 2-CactusElbows

    Cute as can be!


    You’ll be smiling all day knowing these little guys are on the elbows of your sweater.


This sweater would also be a great gift for your best gal pal!


Are your sweaters ready for sweater weather? Make sure to tag #britstagram and #iamcreative if you give this a try!