Breaking free from your workplace (even if it’s one of the world’s coolest offices) feels like the ultimate freedom. It’s amazing to finally put all of your pinned travel recommendations to good use while you’re on a long solo trip, teaching English abroad or jetting off for an unforgettable summer vacation. Coming back from the grand adventure though? It takes some major getting used to. Instead of falling victim to the post-travel blues, try six of our go-to tricks for loving life back at home again. These tips will help you cherish all of the memories you made and readjust to your normal day-to-day.

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1. Plan a new adventure. Coming back from a trip can feel like a bit of a letdown, as everything you’d been counting down the days for has come and gone. Instead of slumping your shoulders or dreading the daily grind, give yourself something new to look forward to. Get your next journey on the books right away, ’cause having something fun on the horizon will definitely help you feel happier.

2. Go on a mini-getaway. If another grand adventure isn’t feasible in the near future, make it a point to take a mini-vacay. This might be as simple as driving a few towns over to have lunch somewhere new and scope out the scenery or spending a weekend away with friends, fam or your boo. Keep your adventurous energy alive by treating your mini-trip just as you would a bigger one — find cool photos to shoot, talk with locals and find joy in discovering something new.

3. Rediscover the things you love about home. Finding yourself back at home after visiting far flung locations or spending time somewhere radically different and oh-so wonderful can feel like a bummer, but you can find pleasure in the things that make you happy about being home. Maybe it’s sleeping in your own bed, the incredible water pressure from your apartment shower, bumping into neighbors on the street or treating yourself to a cupcake at your favorite local bakery. Whatever it is, jump back into rediscovering the little joys — you know you missed ‘em while you were gone.

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4. Go through your photos. Once you’ve unpacked and settled back in, find time to sort through the photos and videos you took on your trip. Whether you have images from your DSLR or lots of cool footage on your phone, load them all onto your computer or print your faves so you can easily save, display and share all of the incredible moments. Looking for a creative way to showcase your best shots at home? Try a gallery wall or lettered photo art. SO wanderlust chic.

5. Share highlights from your trip. Were you gone a long time? Did you travel to a place that your friends are dying to know more about? Make it a point to get together with them to share the most inspiring and interesting highlights and lessons. If your long-term travel experience might benefit others, look for networking, speaking or teaching opps that’ll let you rave about your trip. Travel blogs, vlogs and social media are also fun ways to broadcast highlights for people who are looking to learn about a journey just like yours.

6. Keep your adventurous spirit alive. Maybe you felt more confident trying new things while in vacay mode, like learning to speak a foreign language or cooking cultural dishes. Just because you’re home doesn’t mean you need to give it up! Think about taking a class, picking up a few books or continuing your learning online. Work hard to embody the things you loved about the traveling version of yourself or your destination at a distance and you’ll definitely be able to preserve some of the magic.

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