Real talk: Summertime is short — WAY too short. That means it’s time to take a break from watching wanderlust YouTube vloggers and make time to finally take your trip! If you’re having a hard time choosing where to spend your vacay, let the stars guide you. Zodiac-obsessed gals, you know what’s up. Our star signs tell us a lot about our personalities, our best pets and even how to date. In sum, our signs give us… well, signs that can help us decide where we will have the best time!



The independently minded Aquarian loves a unique adventure, not the typical tourist hot spot. Trendy vacation destinations? Aquarians probably made them cool first. If you’re seeking warmer climates with mountainous views, Peru makes for a perfect place that is full of adventure opportunities beyond Machu Picchu. Craving a fun city to explore? Lisbon, a coastal city in Portugal, has a vibrant restaurant and cafe scene to go along with its rich history. Art enthusiasts will have a field day roaming their museums.


One word comes to mind: Water. Tranquil beings, Pisces seek beautiful and calm surroundings that still have some options for fun outings when the mood strikes. Hawaii might be the first place that pops into your head, but why not switch it up a bit? Try Aruba! You can lay on beaches, sail, snorkel or go on some off-road tours. Aruba provides both relaxation and exploration, so Pisces will never be bored.


Aries are an active bunch who like to explore, especially if the destination is new and hikable. If the climate you’re seeking is nice and hot, Costa Rica is the way to go. It was pretty much made for Aries, with all the jungle hiking, surfing and plenty of hammocks. New Zealand is another destination that’s a bit out of the ordinary, with plenty to explore. Its gorgeous green mountains are just asking to be hiked (or even flown over by helicopter), and Aries might never want to leave.

Young woman walking on th estreet in asian country


Bulls seek vacations where they can enjoy some of the finer things in life, and they all must be delicious. Heading to wine country and exploring Napa or Sonoma would be a no-brainer, but what if you were looking to explore further? Brighton Beach in England is a seaside town with a pebble beach (and pier), plenty of shopping and excellent restaurants to explore (or, if you’re a bull who likes to try traditional local fare, some of the best fish-and-chip shops the whole UK has to offer).


Geminis love to travel to places with activities around every corner. Museums, shopping, cultural landmarks and plenty of parks for people watching are all musts for a Gemini’s vacation spot. That’s why it’s best to go to a big city. Madrid is a dream for a traveler looking to soak in history and culture. Spend an afternoon in the Prado Museum, then go on a tapas crawl. Another big city for the bravest of Geminis to explore would be Tokyo: all the vibrancy, all the karaoke, all the Harajuku, all of the time!



Cancers generally aren’t lovers of crowds and prefer things on the chiller side. Therefore, they look for vacation spots that will accommodate their comfort needs. A unique destination for Cancers could be Galway, a coastal town in Ireland. It has all the charm of Dublin, minus the big city bustle, plus it’s off the North Atlantic Ocean (Cancers like being near water). If you’re seeking a warmer climate, Santa Barbara, California is a beautiful coastal hideout.


Leos know what they like and want a vacation that won’t disappoint. Must-have aspects for a Leo vacay include a historically rich city with a hint of glam and a lively nightlife. Paris could be the place to be, but been there, done that. Lions, make your way to Berlin. With a crazy nightlife scene and galleries upon galleries, this is a city booming with culture. Looking for similar glamour but seaside? Hit up Barcelona, Spain for bustling street life and an art scene that can’t quit.



Virgos aren’t just looking for a warm destination with great food — they like to learn while they vacay. For them, it’s all about what they can walk away with. Amsterdam is not only historic but also beautiful. Virgos can up their history and art knowledge in museums, experience the culture by exploring the markets (flea, book, flower, etc) and soak in the beauty of the architecture and gardens. Looking for a stateside equivalent? If you haven’t been, it’s New Orleans or bust for you.


Libras like their options. They like to keep things interesting, see all the things a place has to offer and, if they feel so inclined, check out surrounding areas as well. If you haven’t saved up to backpack around Europe or Spain for a month or two (#samesies), you might still have a chance to save a bit and see what the Greek Islands have to offer. You can sail, check out wineries, visit historical sites and hit the beach — all while experiencing the charms of local haunts.

Summer Fun, Cliff Jumping


Scorpios are a bit outdoorsy, and they like to explore. While you don’t have to get crazy rustic (vacations should always be at least a bit relaxing), a bungalow in Tulum, Mexico might be the ideal spot for a post-cave dive nap. Tulum offers ancient Mayan ruins, a city center with authentic food and one of the best beaches in Mexico. Pro tip: If you want to stay in the US, Big Sur in California has some swoon-worthy beaches and hiking trails.


Sagittarius kids like to travel — like, really, really travel. They like to immerse themselves and live the life of a local. You can go Nordic and jet to Iceland for hot springs and black sand beaches. You can also check out some of the oldest breweries in the world in Belgium. Looking for a warm spot? Try backpacking in Belize. The world is Sagittarius’ oyster.


Capricorns need a balanced vacation of sightseeing and chilling. Somewhere like Prague could be a great fit for Capricorn. Explore the castles and the city’s Wenceslas Square, then take a load off along the river with a beer at a local pub. If the Caribbean is more your scene, try Bocas del Toro, Panama. Swim with dolphins in the coral reef, explore restaurants in the villages and kick back in your bungalow with a fresh juice or cocktail.

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