Just because you’ve prepared a whole new wardrobe for winter (coats, scarves, boots? check, check, check!) doesn’t mean you’re ready for the season. There’s probably one teensy thing you’ve forgotten to check off your list: Your tech. If you live anywhere that has even the slightest chance of a White Christmas, you should be readying your phone for the cold months ahead. Here’s how to keep your devices safe (and warm!) this season.

Woman using cell phone on city street at night

1. Keep ’em out of the car. As you probably know from getting in your car in the morning, when your car is off, there is no temperature control. If you leave your stuff in the car while you’re running errands, they’re super susceptible to cold temps, which can ruin batteries.

2. Power down on the go. If you’re taking your laptop with you on the go, power it compleeeetely down (not just sleep mode) before you throw it in your bag. If your device is running in cold temperatures, your risk of causing damage is greatly increased.

3. Wait for heat. If you’re coming in from the tundra with a cold device, just wait a minute to boot it back up. If you fire up your device in a warm spot when it was just cold, condensation can form on the inside and get into all your gadget’s nooks and crannies. And it’s not going to be easy to fix that.

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4. Carry accessories. Make sure your phone is cozy when braving the elements. if you can, consider keeping it inside a sock or glove when going outside to protect its sensitive touch screen. Remember to carry a charger with you, as cold weather makes your battery drain faster.

5. Keep your phone close. If you can, keep your phone in a pocket while walking outside. Your body heat will keep the phone warmer than if it was just thrown in a bag. We also recommend wearing earbuds when walking around with your phone. It will help you manage your calls without ever having to take your phone out of your pocket.

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