Mmm, turkey day. You can’t go wrong with Thanksgiving food, and we all know Friendsgiving is the best way to spend some quality time with your BFFs. But what about the party decor? We’ve got your back with this fun twist on the classic cornucopia — a cornucopia piñata your party guests are sure to get a kick out of! Just add your favorite candy and you’ve got an instant (ahem) hit.



– chipboard

– ivory crepe paper

– newspaper or newsprint

– papier mâché paste OR flour and water

– white printer paper


– fringe scissors

– hot glue

– scissors



1. Roll your chipboard into a large cone shape and secure with hot glue. Trim the opening of the cone so that it is round.

2. Take a piece of printer paper and twist the ends together to create the end of a cornucopia. Hot glue this to the end of the chipboard cone.

3. Twist together more pieces of printer paper and hot glue to the opening of the cone, going all of the way around. Cut out a chipboard circle the size of the opening of your cone and hot glue it to close the opening.

4. Rip up your newspaper into small strips. Using your papier mâché paste*, dip the strips into the paste and coat them entirely. Wipe off excess paste before applying.

5. Apply the papier mâché strips to the whole structure until it is fully covered. Allow it to dry.

6. With your ivory crepe paper and fringe scissors, cut piñata fringe.

7. Hot glue the fringe onto the piñata starting at the opening of the cone. Cut a small opening in the piñata to insert the candy.

*If you don’t have papier mâché paste, combine equal parts water and flour until it becomes a pancake batter consistency.


Make sure to use a lot of hot glue when securing the cone so that it doesn’t come apart when you are applying the papier mâché.


If you want to make the piñata even stronger, apply more coats of papier mâché after the first coat has finished drying.


When cutting the fringe, make sure to cut enough strips so that you don’t run out halfway into covering the piñata. It will take a lot more fringe to cover this guy than you might think!

When gluing around the opening of the cornucopia, cut very short strips of fringe and glue down in a circular motion. This will help keep the irregular shape of the front and keep the fringe from sticking up in different directions.


Fill it with your favorite candy!

cornucopia pinata

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