Christmas is basically over (sorry y’all), and it’s time to start thinking about one of the most magical nights of the year — New Year’s Eve. If you are a little tight on money due to holiday cheer (and amazing after-Christmas sales), we suggest you DIY your NYE outfit. Now if you haven’t realized, we are a little obsessed with disco balls these days :) So, we took this plain black skirt (from a thrift store for $5) and added shiny detailing to create the most jaw-dropping skirt your friends have ever seen. I will admit, this skirt does take some time to make, but hey — it’s a nice project to complete if you are getting in a bit too much family time and need a little break.


Materials and Tools:

— black skater skirt

— 1/4 yard shiny fabric

— fabric scissors and/or X-ACTO knife

— ruler

— fabric glue



1. Cut out tons of one-inch squares from your shiny fabric.

2. Glue them onto your skirt in rows with equal space in between.

3. Twirl ’til your heart is content.


I’m not going to lie, this part is tedious. Use a cutting mat, ruler, scissors and/or X-ACTO to cut out a BUNCH of one-inch squares. This is the perfect time to “hire” a little DIYer who has a bit too much energy and needs a task to keep her busy.


Now when I say a ton, I mean a ton.


Get that glue ready and start assembling your disco skirt. Make sure you glue down all corners of the squares — you don’t want any of them to peel off.


Due to the shape of a circle skirt, your lines of squares will go on a diagonal all the way around the skirt. You will need to cut the squares at the bottom and top hems of the skirt to match the curving hem line.


Ahhhhh — amazing! Let’s put it on!

Pair this skirt with fun patterned tights and a sultry top for the ultimate NYE look.

Happy 2016, Y’all!

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DIY Production and Styling: Kelly Bryden

Photography: Kurt Andre

Modeling: Maddie Bachelder