Creating a Carrie Bradshaw-esque closet may not be in the budget (sadly), but it doesn’t mean you can’t have a spot that’s just as functional, fabulous, and — dare we say — beautiful. With a closet revamp top of mind, we checked in with LuxeDecor expert Christine Villanueva on how to turn your wardrobe into the space of your dreams. With over 10 years of experience in the luxury design field, she’s mastered the art of transforming mundane closets into places we’d consider pure perfection. Keep scrolling to preview all of her totally doable tips and tricks.

1. Create ambiance through color. Last year, Pantone promoted colors in blush pink and dusty jewel tones. Paired together in a closet, these are a classic choice. “The muted palette is versatile enough to pair with any type of clothing and accessories, yet doesn’t feel stark or boring compared to an all-white scheme,” Villanueva tells Brit + Co. “The fresh palette makes a closet feel more sophisticated, while also fostering a tranquil, calming atmosphere.”

2. Invest in statement seating. The easiest way to upgrade a room comes down to a simple solution: great seating. According to Villanueva, the addition of a stool can take a drab closet into a place of purpose. Whether working with an accent chair or a classic lounge, a tasteful seat adds instant glamour, while serving as a perfect place to discard all those unwanted outfits.

3. Put it on display. To put your best outfit forward, Villanueva recommends using a variety of tools to keep your options readily available. “Opt for a fashionable dresser or armoire to keep things organized instead of utilitarian-style baskets and bins,” she says. “If you’re searching for a modern way to keep organized and display your clothes and accessories, decorative ladders are a simple design trick to easily arrange items to contemplate outfits and looks.” Additionally, it’s important to keep smaller items clutter-free. “Hang a couple of S-hooks and attach a wire basket, and you have an easy catchall place for your sunglasses and other fashion accessories. Longer items such as scarves and belts can easily hang from the rungs,” Villanueva says. And don’t forget to incorporate a full-length mirror, so you can *really* take in the fab ensemble you just created.

4. Add in artwork. Let your personal style shine through! Villanueva suggests using artwork or framed pics to get you there (or at least provide some inspo in the process). “Hang a mood board with your favorite outfits to get your creative juices flowing. Room dividers and screens are also a source for artistry, often displaying beautiful scroll work or carvings that add dimension to a closet space,” she says. Recycling accents from around the home, or splurging on a fun new piece, makes it possible to achieve this flair.

5. Lighting, lighting, lighting! Lighting sets the tone for your space and highlights the outfits you try on. “Track lighting works wonderfully to illuminate dark corners discretely,” she says. “Chandeliers are a great overhead light source that also add style and glamour to the closet, and task lighting (by way of fashionable table lamps) are equally important in providing ample illumination along dressers.” Regardless of the type you pick, be sure it stays true to the glam space you’re envisioning.

6. Step it up. Take your closet to new heights — literally. According to Villanueva, “A stylish footstool (trust me, these are not the same footstools you find in a hardware store!) is an easy way to reach the higher-placed items in your closet’s storage.” It can also be used to stack leftover clothing, or as an extra pop of pattern in your space. Either way, consider it the multi-functional accessory your closet needs.

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