We adore all of Pantone’s 2018 color palettes — but none of them speaks to our fun-loving hearts quite like the uber bright TECH-nique palette. We’re talking a total explosion of vibrant blue, green, fuchsia, purple, turquoise, hot pink, and iridescent peacock shades, along with Brilliant White and Frosted Almond (to keep things chic). The combination was created as a futuristic ode to technology’s striking and enlivening influence on our lives — and boy, will it look amazing in your home! Take inspo from the 13 spaces below that have nailed the palette, then pin your heart out, ladies.

1. It’s Holo O’Clock: Brighten up your home office with an iridescent foil clock and ALL of the bold colors. The array of vibrant hues alongside plenty of pink pieces is on point with the unicorn decor trend. (via Studio DIY)

2. Aloha, Neon Jungalow: Hot pink and turquoise go together better than PB&J, but they also have a super playful effect when paired with deep shades of green and purple. Oh, and a funky neon sign doesn’t hurt either. (via Baba Souk)

3. Bloomin’ Gorgeous Artwork: If you can’t get enough of the TECH-nique tones, you need artwork like this in your home STAT. Complement it with accent pieces or bedding in the palette’s softer hues for a room that feels both relaxing and bold. (via Leah Bartholomew)

4. The More Pink, the More Productive: VA-VA-VOOM! TECH-nique shades beg for all the attention, and we’re happy to stare. Go all out with the wild vibe and scoop up a furry desk chair and a striking locker for your workspace. (via A Beautiful Mess)

5. Throw Shimmer, Not Shade: Good news, renters: You don’t have to paint walls or woodwork to incorporate a new color palette. Instead, use the weekend to DIY a set of iridescent throw pillows, and voila! You’ve achieved a futuristic revamp. (via Studio DIY)

6. Shimmer Fest Fo’ Real: The TECH-nique palette is an explosion of loud tones, and this statement wall has ’em all in a dreamy swirl. Use iridescent wallpaper to nail the look with easy-to-apply panels and then bask in the shimmery feels. (via Crafto)

7. Sunset All Day: Why paint your wall one TECH-nique hue when you can paint it with two? That Frosted Almond-to-teal ombre will make any room 10 times more alluring, no wall art required. (via Adventures of Yoo)

8. Beat the Monday Blues With Purple Sparkle: You can have your minimalist space, and your bright colors too. Thanks to Brilliant White, that is. Bring lots of lilac, hot pink, and blue into a sleek, mostly white room and you’ll have yourself a work zone that’s seriously divine. (via Oh Happy Day)

9. Boost Your Indoor Garden: Plant babies are fab, but plants in iridescent planters are SO much better. Zap your cacti collection or indoor herb garden with a few pearlescent pots and you’ll be utterly mesmerized. (via A Bubbly Life)

10. Tuck into Those Luxe Jewel Tones: Going for more elegant and cozy and less minimalist chic? Ditch the Brilliant White in favor of the palette’s deeper tones, like purple, teal, and pink. (via Dalliance Design)

11. Spin Right Round Like an Ottoman: Say adios to your boring footstool with a modern pouf that’ll bring party vibes to any room. Tame it a touch with metallic elements and playful, abstract pillows. (via Target)

12. Mermaid Dreams Do Come True: It doesn’t get much more futuristic-chic than this eye-catching, hot pink shower tile. (via Design Mag)

13. Step on It: Just because you’re still riding the pastel decor trend doesn’t mean you can’t hop on the bright TECH-nique bandwagon too. Snag a pink and purple area rug and plop it among your pale pieces — the end result feels equal parts fresh, feminine, and timeless. (via Apartment Therapy)

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