We recently learned how to correctly pronounce La Croix (it’s not what you think) which lead us to wonder… how exactly do you pronounce Le Creuset? This famous French cookware brand is known for producing high-quality enameled cast iron cookware, ideal for making tender braises and succulent stews. But we admit to getting bashful when asked to say the the name out loud. Luckily, it seems that a lot of people are in the same boat! Le Creuset actually has a video that shares the correct pronunciation of its name, so you can walk into cooking supply stores and dinner parties alike with the confidence you need to talk about Dutch ovens and baking dishes.

Vivian Howard, chef and star of the PBS show A Chef’s Life, had her own reservations about saying Le Creuset while filming a demo for the company. It turned into an opportunity for her to learn the correct pronunciation, and the gift has been passed along to all of us. Ready for the big reveal? It’s luh croo-zay. Here’s all the evidence you need:

Le Creuset means “the crucible” in French, which refers to the container that holds the melted iron and steel. Those molten metals are blended before being poured into sand molds, where they cool into their solid dishware form.

There you have it. The next time you’re talking with foodie friends or knowledgeable sales staff, you don’t have to fret over saying Le Creuset incorrectly, and you can share a bit of trivia about how the company got its name to boot.

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(Photo via Le Creuset)