These days, balancing out our office, gym anddating life looks can be a challenge. While pint-sized cosmetics and hacks that let you use your makeup kit essentials in multiple ways keep you covered in that department, there’s not too much out there that shows girls easy ways to transform their hair throughout the day. We’re filling that hole here with step-by-step styling tips on how to take your ponytail from office to gym to date seamlessly. Scroll through to see the totable tools, products, accessories and know-how you need to completely revamp your locks on-the-go.


Office Ponytail


This hairstyle Ashley is rocking is one of our 9-to-5 faves: a sleek high ponytail that gives off major #Girlboss (and Beyoncé) vibes. To keep the look polished, we wrapped a small section of hair around the elastic and pinned it in place with a bobby pin (under the ponytail, of course, to camouflage it. A pro finish for a professional.


Bun It Up for the Gym


Ok, ok! Yes, technically speaking this is NOT a ponytail, it’s a bun. But so what! Here’s why you want to do this style: Ponytails during a workout can get in the way, not to mention can pick up the sweat from your neck and shoulders. which does not make going out after very easy. Adding a few braids to your ponytail and wrapping them up into a bun will make your post-workout hair prep a game changer, because the humidity and heat your head gives off during a workout will make your braids set your hair into waves, the perfect base for your date night look!

Step 1: Pull Out Your Office Pony + Prep Hair


Take out your sophisticated ponytail and use a resetting spray like Bumble and bumble Tonic Lotion ($20) to help break down any product in your hair with the vitamins and tea tree oil that are infused into it. Not to mention, it smells ridiculously amazing!

Step 2: Place Hair In a High Ponytail + Add Braids


Pull all of your hair up into a high ponytail. It’s better if you don’t pull your hair too tight or comb through. It will help later when you pull out the bun and braids. Put a bunch of braids into your ponytail, all varying in size. You don’t need to put elastics at the ends, just braid and go.

Step 3: Twist Up + Secure It


Take all of the small braids and twist together to start making a bun. Once your hair is all wrapped up to make a bun, use another elastic to secure it in place.


Get Date Ready


Yes! You are about to see exactly how to make this beautifuly tousled ponytail happen in just a few steps post-workout *without* a shower (you can thank that lovely essential oil spray we used earlier for that).

Step 1: Pull Out Your Braided Bun, Dry Shampoo + Fluff


All those little braids have been heated and cooled off by now, and as you take them out, you can see they are ready to get you on your way to the perfect date-night hair. It’s okay if your hair is a little messy at this point — in fact, it will help. Spray your roots all the way to your ends with a dry shampoo — my new favorite for special occasions (because it is kind of expensive): Dry Bar Triple Sec 3-in-1 Spray ($26). It leaves your hair fresh and clean-feeling like a dry shampoo, it absorbs any oils or moisture (like sweat), has UV protection and, oh yeah, it smells like cotton candy! Once it’s in your hair, use your fingers to shake through your hair to blend.

Step 2: Add Body


Use a rat tail comb to add body and texture to your roots by back-coming thin sections of hair.

Step 3: Add Pony + Wrap


Pull your hair in to a mid-height ponytail and use a piece of the hair from the ponytail to wrap around the elastic to disguise it. Pin that in place with bobby pins.

Step 4: Wave It + Tease It


Real talk: carrying a curling iron can be a little much, but a flat iron is doable, especially if you get one of these BaByliss PRO Nano Titanium Mini Straightening Irons ($30), a cute full-powered travel-sized iron to keep in your bag. Use your flat iron to put a bunch of waves in your pony to help add texture to your already slightly waved hair from the braids. Bust out your fine-tooth comb again and gently backcomb your curls to blend them together. This will give your hair a fuller, more polished look.

Step 5: Pucker UP!


Put on your favorite kissable lipstick or gloss and get ready to pucker up for your boo!


You will show up to your date looking hot, not feeling like a hot mess! All it takes is a few tricks of the trade and a few moments of prep to get you in the zone! In a lot of, if not all of my tutorials, I like to recommend products that I can attest to first hand. In most cases, they are suggestions. In this case, these products are *clutch* to executing this type of transition without any potential embarrassing fails (aka smelling like sweat!).


What are your favorite products that you would use in this case? I would love to try more of YOUR recommendations! Let me know in the comments section below!