Britt and Whit are San Francisco style bloggers, but really feel more like your fashion girl bffs — you know, those gals who know how to throw together the most on-point outfit like that. All through December, they’re sharing their best cold weather style hacks! Check back here for tips on how to nail your trickiest winter style dilemmas.

Scarves are really the ultimate cold-weather accessory. Whether you’re combating a brisk breeze or a full-on blizzard, the right scarf can elevate your bundled-up look instantly, especially when you know a few tricks for how to make your go-to warming wrap stay in stylish place.

For our first December style hack, we’re showing you our favorite ways to style two standby scarves: A cozy blanket scarf and a chic pashmina. Plus, of course, the outfit inspiration to match.

How to Style a Blanket Scarf


Britt: I’m a fan of almost any type of scarf, but the one I’ve been wearing non-stop recently is the blanket scarf — I love that it’s comfy, but also a bold statement piece. Since a blanket scarf is a LOT of fabric, I typically make it the focal point of my outfit and keep the rest of the pieces neutral so that my overall look isn’t too busy (yes, silver sneakers count as a neutral!).

Don’t try to tuck this big guy in — no one wants that lumpy shoulders look. Instead, think of this scarf as the ultimate winter jacket topper. That means stay away from pairing it with coats with large collars — there’ll just be too much bulk. Instead, toss this on top of your shearling-lined moto jacket or buttoned-to-the-brim peacoat.

#StyleHack: To get the most effortless look out of your blanket scarf, fold it in half so that it forms a triangle before tying it around your neck — think of it like an oversized bandana. This keeps it from looking like you are being swallowed up by the material and makes it more manageable to style while still protecting your neck.


How to Style a Pashmina Scarf


Whit: I *love* pashmina scarves — I have them in almost every color! They come in handy especially in San Francisco where weather can be quite windy and tends to feel like fall almost year round, but they’re also clutch in colder climates. They’re lightweight, breathable and able to really wrap up around your neck without feeling suffocating. But my favorite thing about pashminas? That pop of color. I added this bright blue scarf to my monochromatic white look to brighten up my outfit, which was the easiest way to take this neutral look to the next level.

Here, I folded the scarf in half, pulled it around the back of my neck and then pulled the ends through to create an adjustable loop. I like to wear it tucked into my wool jacket when I’m headed outside, but you can also use it as an easy way to polish an oversized sweater or make a tee feel more cozy.


#Style Hack: To avoid getting overheated when you head indoors, transfer your scarf to your bag! Use the same technique I mentioned above around the handles of your bag to turn it into a chic, unexpected accessory.

What are your favorite ways to style a scarf? To learn more about this stylish duo, visit their blog here.

(Main photo via @brittandwhit)