So you鈥檝e decided to be more fit and healthy this year, especially after seeing your favorite #fitspo stars post about their fitness resolutions. But where and how do you start? You can check out popular personal trainer apps and try some outdoor workouts鈥 or you could experiment with targeted workouts designed to tone specific parts of the body. We鈥檙e sharing seven workouts to help you get started. Try doing these workouts for a week 鈥 one workout per day 鈥 and you鈥檒l be one step closer to knocking out your fitness resolutions.


1. Lean, Toned Arm Workout for Beginners: This workout starts off with nice and easy warmup exercises to get your arms good and ready. You can鈥檛 go wrong by kicking off your week with this one! (via PsycheTruth)


2. Five-Minute Arm Workouts: Take five and work your arms and shoulders with some pilates-inspired moves. Get ready to feel the burn and get stronger! (via New Beauty Magazine)


3. Five-Minute Arm Toning Workout Without Weights: You can do this one anytime and anywhere. It includes a few moves that may be a bit challenging, but we know you can take 鈥檈m! (via Popsugar Fitness)


4. Six Minutes to Sexy Arms: Blogilates founder Cassey Ho knows having strong arms is not only sexy, but useful too. Get to work with this six-minute workout. (via Blogilates)


5. Five-Minute Toned Arms: Five minutes of intense arm exercises? You got this! You know you can count on Cassey to make this workout super fun. (via Blogilates)


6. Slim and Lean Arms Workout: Keep building strength with another quick and intense session! You鈥檒l really feel your arms working with this one, but you know that鈥檚 a good thing! (via Your Time Training)


7. Joanna Soh: Sexy Arms and Shoulders Exercise: Cap off your week with this challenging workout that鈥檒l target your arms, shoulders and even abs! After this session, you鈥檒l feel stronger and even more excited for next week鈥檚 workout. Seriously. (via Joanna Soh)

What are your favorite exercises for your arms and shoulders? Tweet us your favorite moves @BritandCo!