The New Year always begins with a strong start on the fitness resolution front, but the drive to keep going to the gym — maybe even pick up weight training — starts to wane after a few weeks. Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us. If you’re a fan of using tough love, Jillian Michaels-style, to get — and keep — your butt in gear, we’ve got just the inspo for you. Scroll on for 20 of the most ass-kickin’, iron-pumpin’ fitness gurus on Instagram for some extra motivation.

Emily Schromm

1. Emily Schromm: Emily was dubbed Women’s Health’s “Next Fitness Star” in 2015 and is now a CrossFit coach. Follow her Insta for pro tips on building strength and keeping proper form in check. (via @emilyschromm)

Jeanette Jenkins

2. Jeanette Jenkins: Strong leading ladies like Kelly Rowland, P!nk and Serena Williams need a strong personal trainer like Ms. Jeanette Jenkins to keep them motivated. You’ll love her workout clips and celebrity cameos. (via @msjeanettejenkins)

Anja Garcia

3. Anja Garcia: As a trainer for Nike, Equinox and DailyBurn, you’d think Anja wouldn’t have time for much else. But she’s also a pediatric ICU nurse. She’s a great example of what you can do when you don’t make room for excuses. (via @anjagarcia)

Natalie Uhling

4. Natalie Uhling: Not only has this impressive athlete created a high-intensity fitness program, but she’s also started a lifestyle blog. She’s a girlboss after our own hearts! (via @natalieuhling)

Holly Perkins

5. Holly Perkins: Not a fan of squats, but still want that booty? Holly’s your girl. She’s a celebrity trainer and the creator of the GLUTES project, a 12-week program that literally gets your butt in gear. (via @hollyperkins)

Will Arrufat

6. Will Arrufat: This Nike trainer’s Instagram bio says it all: “My mission is to motivate lives through exercise with daily workouts.” Check out his video demonstrations and workouts of the day, complete with all the sets and reps you can handle. (via @willsworkout)

Tracy Anderson

7. Tracy Anderson: No list about motivating fitness instructors would be complete without the one and only Tracy Anderson. Her high-energy workout sessions are what drive Gwyneth, JLo, Nicole Richie and more of the fittest bodies in Hollywood. (via @tracyandersonmethod)

Massy Arias

8. Massy Arias: Do you get bored easily by fitness routines? Follow Massy for daily video challenges that spice up even basic workouts like pushups, medicine balls and stairs. (via @massy.arias)

Gunnar Peterson

9. Gunnar Peterson: You KNOW you want to know how Khloe K. got her body looking that fab. Her personal trainer’s got all the secret moves and equipment to inspire your own transformation. (via @gunnarfitness)

Adam Rosante

10. Adam Rosante: Adam has tons of quick videos that show you the ropes of squats, planks, burpees and more, proving that you don’t need a lot of time to fit in some fitness. (via @adamrosante)

Nicole Winhoffer

11. Nicole Winhoffer: Even if you don’t have time to attend a class, you can get a sneak peek at what’s going down in Nicole’s studio. Hint: a lot of dancing, laughing and sweating. (via @nicolewinhoffer)

Marie Purvis

12. Marie Purvis: Marie is a Nike Master Trainer, so she gets to lead huge workout events around the country, as well as on Nike’s Training Club app. You’re gonna want to lace up your shoes and get out and about after checking out how she mixes travel with fitness in her awesome Instas. (via @mariepurvis)

Estelle Archer

13. Dawn Estelle Archer: One word sums up Dawn Estelle’s fitspo videos: SWEAT. It’s the name of her program (which you can live stream) and exactly what you’ll be doing after approximately 30 seconds of following along. (via @estellearcher)

Jen Sinkler

14. Jen Sinkler: Like to approach your health with a dose of good humor? You’ve gotta meet Jen. In between her CRAZY weight-lifting vids, she posts lots of goofy and relatable snippets that will keep you smiling through the deadlifts. (via @jensinkler)

Natalie Jill

15. Natalie Jill: A workout a day keeps the flab away. Natalie Jill posts quick demos that will only take you about four to five minutes to complete, so you can always manage to get a workout in, even on crazy busy days. (via @nataliejillfit)

Robin Arzon

16. Robin Arzon: Once a corporate lawyer, Robin is now an ultramarathoner and cycling instructor with a motivating social media presence. She’s got no time for excuses, and rumor has it you’d better not leave her class early! (via @robinnyc)

Amanda Bisk

17. Amanda Bisk: Looking at this Aussie’s incredible Instagram, you wouldn’t guess that she suffers from chronic fatigue. So even when you’re feeling tired, check out her workouts and words of advice about taking it bit by bit until fitness becomes a lifestyle for you. (via @amandabisk)

David Kirsch

18. David Kirsch: What do Heidi Klum, Liv Tyler, Ellen Barkin and now YOU have in common? David Kirsch’s fitness tutelage. His Instagram is particularly awesome because he frequently incorporates his daughters into the workouts, making it accessible for busy parents. (via @davidkirsch)

Cassey Ho

19. Cassey Ho: Looking to liven up your mat work? Try Cassey’s program, POP Pilates, for a more energetic spin on your favorite core flow. You can also join in with her 30-day challenges on Instagram, currently focusing on whittling that waist. (via @blogilates)

Lita Lewis

20. Lita Lewis: Eff the thigh gap, friends. As Lita likes to say, #ThickThighsSaveLives. She’ll show you how to take those squats, lunges and weights to the next level, with lots of body positivity in the mix. (via @followthelita)

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