When it comes to fabric dye, the project possibilities are literally endless — from ombre scarves to canvas totes. But rather than getting overwhelmed by the options, check this out — the perfect first-time dyeing DIY. Inspired by watercolor paints and springtime shades, this sweatshirt/jacket hybrid is just what you need to brighten up a rainy day. Simply pick out dyes in your favorite colors, and you’ll be that much closer to making a wearable work of art.



  • — sweatshirt
  • fabric dye
  • fusible webbing tape (optional)


— fabric scissors

— foam brushes

— ceramic palette

— iron (optional)


 1. Apply dye to random spots on the sweatshirt using the foam brushes.

2. Add water to blend the colors together.

3. Throw your sweatshirt in the washer and then the dryer to set the dye.

4. Fold the dry sweatshirt in half. Then, cut straight through the middle of the front of the shirt.

  1. WatercolorSweatshirtJacket_02

    And just like that, the sweatshirt turns into a jacket! Don’t forget to only cut through the top layer of the sweatshirt.

  2. WatercolorSweatshirtJacket_04updated

    If you’re not feeling the raw edge, simply create a fold about an inch thick. Sandwich a strip of fusible webbing tape into the fold, and apply heat with an iron.

  3. WatercolorSweatshirtJacket_Styled02

    Your best bet is to use a sweatshirt in a light shade, such as this soft gray. Other options include white, beige or even mint or baby blue. If you have a printed sweatshirt that you’re willing to experiment on, give it a try! We bet it’ll look ah-mazing.

  4. WatercolorSweatshirtJacket_Styled05

    As for the fabric dyes, we used navy blue, teal and fuchsia for a cool-toned palette.


What shades would you use for your watercolor jacket? Share your finished jackets with us below!

(Styled photos by Haruka Sakaguchi of The Denizen Co.)