Art is timeless, so why not make your style that way too? New company Le Collektor is helping you combine the two by turning your new go-to hoodie into a showcase for your favorite street art.

Currently raising funds on Kickstarter, these innovative jackets (available in heather charcoal and navy blue) allow you to easily unzip the hood to rep a different artist every day — or every hour if you’re in the mood to show off your collection.

Inspired by art in Los Angeles, New York and Berlin, Le Collektor is turning art collecting on its head by literally putting it on everyone’s head. With seven different artists and pieces in the inaugural collection, you could have your very own gallery showing while walking down the street, going to a friend’s house party or shopping.

So, we’re guessing you may be skeptical of the integrity of street art being transferred to fabric. Le Collektor uses a refined printing process that allows the clothing prints to be just as rich in color and quality as each artist’s original work. Founder Amisha Patel (below!) is a designer and social entrepreneur who actually went to law school to be an art dealer, so we bet it was top on her list of “musts” for the company.

We (fans of just woke up like this hair and sweatpants as streetwear) love our hoodies, so we wanted to make sure the quality was legit. Trust us, they are up to our snuggly standards, made with soft, extra warm, custom-knit Sherpa fleece with flat-locked seams for added durability to get you through the harshest parts of winter. And/or the inevitable binge watching of [insert fave TV show here] during that first chilly weekend.

If you need more features, this jacket has them all: a port for headphone wires, a hidden iPhone pocket (how sneaky) and a classic ribbed bomber collar for those days when you just aren’t feeling like a hood.

Not only does this jacket make you a movable art gallery and get people talking (let’s be honest, who doesn’t like being complimented on their wardrobe?), the company also does good by giving 10% of each piece directly to the artists.

Pledge now and you will be zipping up into one of these unique hoodies before the end of 2014.

Which hood(s) will you be rocking? Let us know in the comments below.