Whether you live in a rainy city or have one cloudy day a year, it’s good to have some ideas and supplies handy for when the forecast predicts showers. Boredom is no longer an option for rainy days. In fact, you may welcome those storm clouds after seeing these 14 ideas for how to have fun without rays. And remember, if we didn’t have rain, there wouldn’t be rainbows, so… it’s not all bad ;)

1. Mason Jar Candle Kit ($70): Have a kit ready to get crafting when it gets cloudy. DIY candles provide the perfect ambiance and you can customize the scent when you make them yourself.

2. Rad Rain Gear: If you have rain boots and other rainy day accessories that you love, you will look forward to the days you get to pop on those boots. (via Camp Makery)

3. Coffee Party: A rainy day is the perfect backdrop for coffee and conversation with friends. DIY a sign, set up some snacks and mugs and sprinkle some extra coffee beans across the table for a buzzing display. It’s the new tea party! (via Save The Date For Cupcakes)

4. Bake Cloud + Rain Cookies: Yummy watercolor cookies… fun to bake and pretty to look at. (via yuii_)

5. Take a Class From the Comfort of Your Couch: Take an e-class to learn a new skill. Our sewing 101 kit comes with all you need. Plan ahead, have a stash of the necessary supplies at the ready and you’ll be set for the next day of grey skies. (via Brit + Co)

6. Homemade Bubble Bath: Pamper yourself with a DIY bubble bath or DIY bath salts. Take time to rejuvenate and let the non-sunny day be calming and restful. Because, hey, you deserve it! (via Julie Blanner)

7. Barre3 Workout: Take care of yourself with an at-home workout. We’re loving the free Barre3 workout series available on Darling Magazine. (via Darling)

8. Organize Your Closet: When you are stuck inside, make the most of it with some home organization. Woot! Your closet could probably use some TLC and in return, you’ll be able to plan your outfits better. A win-win for you both. (via Brit + Co)

9. Build a Fort: It doesn’t get much better than a fort, amirite? In your mini escape, you can read books, watch movies, play games and take a nap. (via Yes Baby Daily)

10. Start a New Book: Get lost in a new book that you can’t put down. There’s no such thing as being bored when there’s a stack of good books around. Just sayin’. (via Darling)

11. Write!!: Get your creative juices flowing and do some writing, reflecting and goal setting with a little “me time” writing sesh. If you don’t know where to start, try 642 Things To Write About or Where Will You Be Five Years From Today. (via The Every Day and Beyond)

12. Visit a Local Brewery or Museum: There’s probably a lot of things you haven’t visited around your neighborhood that are doable without getting drenched. Pull your friends out of hiding and take a tour of a local brewery, winery or a museum unique to your town. (via Oregon Craft Beer)

13. Dance In The Rain: Go outside and enjoy the rain. Dance around with friends or your dog, jump in the puddles and celebrate the cleansing drops of a rainy day. (via Wallpaper Mania)

14. Coffee Books & Rain Tee ($28): While this may not be something you can do when skies are grey, we couldn’t resist including this adorable graphic tee. After all, you have to suit up for your fun rainy day! A good tee or sweater can set the tone for your cozy, yet productive day of fun.

What will you be doing on your next rainy day? Give us some good ideas in the comments below!