You know the joy of getting a brand new smartphone and loving how sleek and shiny it is? Do you also know the kind of letdown you get from having to cover up that beautiful design with a clunky case? Don’t get us wrong, if the case saves our phones from our frequent drops on the ground and in water, then awesome. But seldom do we see one that is actually as techy beautiful as the phone it’s covering.

If you’re rocking an HTC One (M8), you’re in luck, because there’s a case for you that makes your phone look downright sexy.

The Dot View Case from HTC is a flip case that wraps around the back and front of your phone — not so different than a DODOcase. But the similarities with other cases ends there, because the front panel on this baby has a ton of translucent little holes to make the screen of your phone function like a Lite-Brite.

Not only can you see time, weather and notifications through the dots, you can even see and answer a phone call with a swipe over the case, talking right through it for the entire conversation. Any time you do open the case, your screen is awake and ready to go. It’s basically a substitute for a screen protector, except you don’t have to worry about annoying air bubbles.

We really hope to see more snazzy cases like this one on the market for other phones. With all the crazy stuff our phones can do and how much we rely on them (a ton), we think it’s about time more cases got a stylish, yet functional upgrade like this one. You can buy this case for as low as $23 on Amazon.

What do you think about this funky case? We’d love to hear your opinions in the comments!