Cleanses can be pretty hard to stomach. (Pun intended.) Just thinking about going four days on nothing but juice is enough to make us hangry. But what if you could detox on ice cream? Like, a lot of ice cream. Like, maybe so much ice cream, you might never want ice cream again (as if that would happen). It’s a tempting thought, and Kippy’s Ice Cream Shop in Venice Beach, CA has made your dream cleanse a reality.


Just imagine: Five pints of organic, non-dairy ice cream a day for three days. Do you think you could meet the challenge? Kippy’s has planned out the whole cleanse, figuring out which flavors work best at which time of day. They claim that the coconut cream and raw honey, which are the base ingredients for all their flavors, do wonders for your body, helping you release toxins. The raw saturated fat of the coconut will help speed up your metabolism, while the amino acids and enzymes in the raw honey help aid digestion and decrease inflammation.


Since Kippy’s raw, organic ice cream isn’t ice cream in the traditional sense, you can feel a little better about downing five pints a day. But it’s still a hearty amount of sugar and fat, so be warned. You start the day off with their coconut yogurt, a fermented coconut cream chock full of probiotics. Your mid-morning snack is a pint of orange cream delivering a punch of vitamin C. Then, for lunch, you get to indulge in dark chocolate with Himalayan salt. For that mid-afternoon slump, you get the “master cleanse” which is, you guessed it, a lemon-cayenne flavor combo. For dinner, it’s “superfood,” which is comprised of cinnamon, bee pollen and raw honey. Phew, that’s a lot of ice cream.


If you want to give it a try, Kippy’s overnights their 20-pint ice cream cleanse around the country. But you have to check their schedule, because they only produce the cleanse at certain times of the year when they know they can get the ingredients fresh.

They tried the cleanse over at Gizmodo and were sure to check in with a health professional before indulging. Maren Robinson, CNC, MPH, told them, “While other oils with a similar level of saturated fat (e.g., butter) are associated with heart disease and cholesterol issues, regular coconut consumption can improve the cholesterol ratio (decrease LDL, increase HDL). Evidence suggests that it actually may reduce risk of heart disease and atherosclerosis — the precursor to heart disease.”

If you’re looking for an easy introduction to the world of raw eating or a quick detox, try an ice cream cleanse. Your friends might not believe you when you tell them what you’re doing, and you should definitely check with your doctor before starting, but it’s worth a try.

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