Think of all the minutes you lose each day hunting for a missing sock or digging through your closet for your favorite scarf. Imagine what you could do with those few precious minutes instead… like pick up a creative pastime, perhaps! Fortunately, IKEA and DesignLoveFest have some handy organization tips to help you reclaim your day and pursue something more worthwhile.


One of our fave bloggers, Bri Emery of DesignLoveFest, started off the new year with a little bedroom reorganization that made her mornings far more peaceful and productive. “Mornings are my golden time, I relish the stillness and find that I get a lot of my best and most inspired work done before 10am.”


By saving little minutes here and there in the morning, Bri is able to squeeze more creative writing time into her day, and therefore produce more awesome content for DesignLoveFest. Everyone wins!


Check out DesignLoveFest for all the details on Bri’s bedroom makeover, and join the Daily Creativity Challenge yourself! Pick a space in your life to organize and make more efficient, and take back those minutes to pursue something creative.

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This post is in collaboration with IKEA.