Usually IKEA gets major design points for its sleek Scandinavian aesthetic and modern design, but this season they took a break from their more traditional Nordic vibes and went on vacation… to Brazil. With tropical prints, bold colors and mid-century minimalism, the Tillfälle collection draws inspiration from the vibrant culture, lush forests and energetic nightlife of Sao Paulo, Brazil. Somehow IKEA managed to blend Brazilian flair with the more classic Scandi designs to create a completely one-of-a-kind (and limited — eek!) collection that includes tiles, textiles and kitchen ware. While it’s a totally different look from their February IKEA release, the Tillfälle look is a fabulous collection that’s practically begging to be hacked. See below for a few of our faves.


1. DIY Patterned Coffee Table: Thanks to Instagram, the perfectly styled coffee table follows a pretty precise formula: some books + a candle + flowers = double tap. Your flat lay game will look even more on point when the top of your coffee table is decorated with a colorful geometric pattern. Take a cue from IKEA’s eucalyptus coffee table ($119) and DIY your own coffee table artwork with colors and designs of your own. (via Brit + Co)


2. DIY Lampshade Makeover: Lamps are always a fun accessory to shop for, but when was the last time you considered making over your lampshade? IKEA’s cork lampshade ($20) brings a fun texture element to your decor, and it’s an easy enough look to hack with the right materials. (via Art Decoration and Crafting)


3. DIY Felt Palm Leaf Pillow: Even if you can’t make it to Brazil this spring break, you can bring all the same tropical vibes to your couch with this DIY felt palm pillow. Get inspired by IKEA’s cushion covers ($5) in shades of green and blue, and then turn your living room into a tropical oasis. (via A Beautiful Mess)


4. DIY Color Dipped Candles: Add a dose of color to these block candle holders ($40) and you’ve got the perfect piece for dinner parties or cozy evenings in. The matte black is perfect for accenting with hot shades of neon or even a sneaky bit of glow in the dark paint. (via Brit + Co)


5. DIY Black and White Acrylic Trays: Jumpstart your spring cleaning to-do list by hacking IKEA’s black tray ($20) with this DIY. If you’re using these for jewelry display, the monochrome color scheme is just the thing to show off your bling in style. (via PB Teen)


6. DIY Footed Serving Dish: Elevate IKEA’s colorful side plates ($3) by adding a gold stand. An elevated beautiful stand like this one will make it easy to check out and devour your creation. Plus, this easy DIY stand will make your dessert table epic. (via Passion Shake)


7. DIY Color Dipped Succulent Garden: Since air plants are the easiest thing in the world to grow, it’s easy to see planters wherever you look. IKEA’s pretty footed bowls ($4) are just the right size for a raised garden. Just paint the stand an accent color or leave as-is and fill with your indoor plant of choice. (via Curbly)


8. DIY Mini Home Bar: IKEA’s multicolor occasional table ($159) is just the right size for keeping in the kitchen or for turning into a mini home bar. The colorful stripes are even moveable, so you can customize the pattern. If you don’t have room for the IKEA version, hack a mini home bar with a butcher block and a pair of customizable legs. Put a tray on top for smaller bar accessories, and you’ve got yourself a hip bar cart to display your excellent collection of decanters. (via Country Living)


9. DIY Color Blocked Clocks: IKEA’s little hexagon cork trivets ($6) were practically made for this clock DIY project. Use tape to mark off a geometric design, and go crazy with the paint palette. (via Brit + Co)


10. DIY Textured Bowl: It’s hard not to fall in love with IKEA’s serving bowl ($20), with that pop of color on the inside and a cool textured cork stand. Dress it up even more with a bumpy texture and a coat of paint. (via Proper)


11. DIY Color Blocked Storage: It’s almost like IKEA read our hacking brains with this multi-color cabinet ($329) that’s already got different colored doors. You can get the same look in an IKEA cabinet you already have by painting the doors different colors — the more colors the better! (via Sugar & Cloth)


12. DIY Color Dipped Stools: Even though this leather-topped stool ($99) is a little more pricey than a lot of IKEA furniture, the extra detailing makes it a definite statement piece. Add extra character to the legs with one of these color-dipped techniques, or leave the legs naturally beautiful. There’s no wrong answer here. (via Brit + Co)

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