IKEA has been a staple of home decor for decades now, but its furniture is as popular for being rage-inducingly difficult to put together as it is for being cute and functional. But this relationship test might soon be a thing of the past, as IKEA is rolling out a way for products across its entire furniture range to snap together in mere minutes.


It’s all thanks to a new type of joint called a wedge dowel, which requires no allen keys, no glue, and can be taken apart and put back together multiple times while still maintaining its structural integrity. It’s basically a small, ribbed protrusion that snaps into place like a puzzle piece.

IKEA introduced the wedge dowel in their Regissör storage products and Stockholm cabinets back in 2014 to test the idea. Consumers loved it, so the company now intends to introduce the dowel across their whole furniture range, starting with the Lisabo table.

Not only does this mean fewer screaming matches over missing parts, but since it also gets rid of the need for multiple metal fittings, the company can save resources, too.

Did we mention, you can have your sanity back?

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(h/t Dezeen; Photos via IKEA and Andreas Rentz/Getty Images)