There are days when you don’t feel too hot about yourself. On those days, put on some James Blunt, and remember that you’re beautiful. You can also turn to one of the many body positive role models cropping up lately, like all-star tennis player Serena Williams and the foxy and inspiring Tess Holliday. You can also take a look at this extremely inspiring hashtag that is picking up traction on Instagram.

#InMySkinIWin is a social media campaign that focuses on celebrating all kinds of beauty. It encourages all people feeling comfortable and confident in their own skin to share gorgeous pictures of themselves. People with albinism, vitiligo, freckles and other features that were previously (and wrongly) construed as “flaws” are stepping up to show the world that beauty can be found absolutely everywhere.

The In My Skin I Win movement was started by model/activist Shaun Ross in 2012. Shaun, who has albinism and a successful career as a model, says that the movement’s mission “is not to stop bullying entirely, but rather to shape the way we as individuals think about ourselves personally.” Shaun says he hopes that these stunning pictures show that “beauty is you and what you make from your confidence in your own perfectly imperfect body.”

What’s amazing about this movement and others like it is that it shows that the fight for body positivity is ongoing and beautiful. Searching the hashtag on Instagram will lead you to a slew of incredibly inspiring photos that are so, so stunning. Just take a look at the images.

So join the movement. #InMySkinIWin.

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(Photos via John Parra/Getty @melaninmonday, @msnikwylie, @thereal_amarijayce, @vabellabella, @alisaryba and @shaundross)