Even though we’ll always love our old-school iPods, it’s hard to dispute that Spotify is an ultra convenient way to find the perfect music for your mood — whether that’s a top workout playlist to get you pumped for your new exercise routine or a soothing one to help you zone out after a stressful work day. But we aren’t the only ones who love curating the perfect songs for every occasion… some of our fave celebs do too! Here are four Spotify playlists from folks who made it big on YouTube that you can stream when you want to feel inspired AF.

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1. Singing Loud in the Car by Zoella: You know that awesome feeling of belting your favorite tunes into your windshield? YouTube star Zoella def does, and her *amazing* playlist is made just for those occasions — featuring divas old and new, natch, including the likes of Beyoncé, Whitney Houston, Adele, and Fergie.

2. Jams by Tyler Oakley: Since Tyler Oakley is no stranger to the music world (he recently released a compilation album curated entirely from LGBT artists), it’s no surprise this Spotify playlist is definitely one of the most uplifting around. Featuring songs ranging from oldies to current pop hits, it’s sure to get you smiling on your way to work… oh, and did we mention that, with almost 250 songs, it can be your morning commute soundtrack for weeks without a repeat?

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3. Sassy Andrea Is Sassy by Andrea Russett: Everyone has those days when they feel like they could probably out-diva Mariah Carey herself. When you’re feeling strong and bold, YouTuber Andrea Russett’s collection of in-your-face jams will keep you walking with confidence as you slay your day.

4. Can U Actually Not by Bethany Mota: When you’re feeling like the world is against you and just need to know that you’re not alone, Bethany Mota has you covered. This tight playlist clocks in at only 45 minutes, but its fresh tunes — including hits from Paramore, Sara Bareilles, and Rihanna — will inspire you to brush off the haters and own your situation.

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